Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Can you afford to stay at home? 5 Reasons One Parent Should Stay-at-home

I was reading this article on yahoo (click for full article) regarding staying at home with your children and how it really benefits the emotional well-being of the child. Also it can really save the household a ton of money in childcare expenses. I am on the fence. I would love to stay at home, but then again - I love having the career too. I think a happy medium for me would be a business I could run from home and that way I can see my children more. Just writing this gets my wheels turning...hmmmmmmmmm (thinking of a business!)

The article gave 5 great reasons why one parent should stay at home.

1. Money - I think you definitely save more money when the children are young (birth - preK). Childcare costs are not cheap for quality care. In my area (Georgia), the cost goes down as the child's age goes up. You can easily pay $1000 a month. Not to mention the extras (diapers, clothes, etc.).

2. Time - I was able to stay at home the whole year when my son started kindergarten and that was a great feeling. I was able to take him and pick him up every day. It was nothing like seeing his smile when he saw me at the door. We had our bonding time and it was just great. I went back to work when he started first grade and always tell my hubby how I miss those afternoons with my son. My husband now picks him up in Monday and Tuesday after school. I pick him up Wed-Fri from their after school program. As a mother, it's hard to only get 5pm-8pm (bedtime) with your kids a day. That's dinner time, bath time, reading time and very little play time. It's hard though, because in so many households both parents have to work.

3. Energy - I know that I am so glad when 5pm comes, but I must admit I have to perk myself up sometimes when I see my children. Many days, I want to run to my bed or just relax but I can't. I hear my daughter singing, "Mommy's home!!!" and then she runs up and jumps all over me. I immediately have to pull energy from somewhere and be who they need me to be.

4. Bonding - It's so obvious the more time you spend with someone, the more you bond. Because of our schedules and jobs, during the week it seems my husband gets more face time with the children. And over the years, he has had more time with our daughter. And she LOVES THAT MAN! LOL! She is a daddy's girl. I love it though. Seeing them together makes my heart melt. But at times, I wish she hugged me and screamed for me like that. It sometimes makes me question my working decisions.

5. Stress - I think this one depends on the person. You could have stress on the job and bring that home with you (attitude/behavior). Or you could have stress at home and take it out on the children (ex: distant). Would one parent staying at home make your life less stressful? Only you would know that. Just like only you would know if staying home is beneficial to your family. In most cases it always is, but financially it is not always realistic.

Do you agree?

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