Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Vision Board

Do you have one? I heard about doing a vision board years ago when the book The Secret came out. I never read the book but recently watch the 1 hour video. The Secret is basically about the power of positive thinking and has so many bible principles in the movie, I can imagine what the book says. So many people say "Write your goals!" Well, I decided to do a vision board so I can see my goals daily in my face.

What is your vision for your life? I am not sure how clearly you can see my board but I have tried to cover all my bases. In the top center it says, that "It's all about being Happily Married!" I do not want a divorce but I want my marriage to get better with time. I want our best days to always be in front of us. In the center, I have a picture of my children and visions I have for them. Visions of success, multiple languages, meeting their soulmates, involved in their community, never struggle and more.
I have a section where it talks about my businesses being successful. A section about me losing this last 10 pounds! On the left side its all about dreams. I envision myself on the cover of magazines, meeting Oprah, the President and First Lady (The Obama's), the cast of the game (hey! This is my vision), and more. I envision my own tv show and actually co-hosting The View! Monthly spas treatment and family vacations at least 3 times a year. I have my spiritual visions as well. I want to be holy and righteous in the sight of my Lord. That means continuing to live with integrity and really try to always do the right thing.

I have visions on this board for my husband and his business. My family as well. I want our relationship to be closer. So I have just about thought about everything and what I missed, I will put it on the board when it comes to mind.

I challenge you to do a vision board or just write your goals down. Again what is your vision for your life? Happy dreaming, happy planning.
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Monday, March 7, 2011

PoLateaz Atlanta

I had an opportunity to go to PoLateaz Atlanta this weekend and had a blast. I had heard so many cool things about this place and was excited to see what all the hype was about. PoleLaTeaz is Atlanta's premier studio for pole dance classes, exotic dance classes, lap dance classes, striptease workshops and sensual dance! It's a workout you won't forget.

The mission of PoleLaTeaz is to offer women of all ages a unique form of exercise dedicated to strengthening and toning their bodies while unleashing their inner goddess in a safe, fun and encouraging environment. Our instructor was so friendly, down to earth and definitely knew what she was doing. Unfortunately we didn't learn anything dealing with the pole that night. We learned a sensual lollipop chair dance and it was a blast!

At PoleLaTeaz you can have birthday parties, girls night out or take classes for your own reasons. It was my first time there and may be planning another girls night out real soon.

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Threesome? What! Maybe.

I watched this week's episode of BET's The Game starring Tia Mowery and Pooch Hall. It was a very interesting episode and one that I wasn't ready for. She actually let the peer pressure of her friends sway her into attempting to do a threesome with her husband. Some how she felt she may not be freaky enough and she wanted to add some spice. She went to the club and met a young lady and invited her to her home. Of course the girl was willing, Derwin if FIONE! But when the moment of truth came, she couldn't do it. She even said, she thought she was progressive and new age but apparently not ready to go that far. Derwin (Pooch's character) didn't even know another woman was in the room, because he was blindfolded and the other woman was kicked out before he even got a chance to see her. What was so funny to me was how Melanie let the other woman kiss on Derwin and he really liked it. He even said when Melanie started kissing on him, "Do it like you did a few minutes ago! I like that better! You've been practicing!" He didn't know another woman was doing that.

I could not take my eyes off the show. They actually did something I wasn't expecting and that was let the girl leave before Derwin even knew. I wonder what he would have said. Have you ever had a threesome with your husband? To each their own but I believe that opens up a whole new can of worms that sometimes you can't take back. Take the show for instance, what if you let another woman in your bed and she makes your man feel better than you do with all your might! Then comes insecurity and maybe even jealousy. Or maybe not.

It's just interesting out of all the things she could have tried first to get more kinky, she goes straight to adding another woman in the mix. What about toys, role playing, and movies ;)? I am glad she had a change of heart. That girl went in to kiss him and she felt her stomach drop! I did too Melanie! I did too! Derwin is ours! LOL (my celebrity crush!) But all jokes aside, would you do a threesome? Or have you? Was it fun? :)
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