About WIFE

Hello Wives! I have been married only since 2003! I have a great husband and 2 wonderful children. But even with all that, I needed an outlet. I need to talk sometimes and found that many times I felt like the loneliest person in the world. WHY? Because, we can't always talk to our hubby's! And we don't talk to our girlfriends (who are married) because we don't think they are going through what we are. But what I learned after just really sitting down and sharing,many my friends felt as I did. I wondered, why didn't I share sooner? So that made me think, how many women are out there need to talk, want to talk...but think they are alone! Ladies, you are so not alone. Let's talk! Let's get through it. We love our husbands. We love our marriage! (some of us!) But even if you don't. You're still there, and we all know 'It Ain't Easy, but it's worth it!'