Friday, February 10, 2012

My last WIFE Blog Post! Thanks for the Support!

Hello all & Happy Friday!

I want to take this time to tell you this will be my last blog post on W.I.F.E. I am closing down shop. I am not finished blogging though! Yaaaaaaay!  It's just that I want to be more honest about Marriage and I can't do that without sharing more. I can't share more without sometimes saying not-so-nice things about my husband (because no one is perfect right?)! And because I would never just throw him under the bus, and I am tired of tip toeing around certain subjects, holding back .... I am going to end it. (The blog not the marriage.)

Yes, I want WIFE to become an organization to help the mental mind state of Married Women but I believe that website should be an organizational website not a blog about following me. So, I will still do WIFE things here in my city - but it just won't be a blog dedicated to it. It was also frustrating trying to always tie topics into Family and Marriage. If you can see towards the end, I started getting away from it. Not on purpose but I was just burnt out on Marriage (especially when I couldn't say what I really want to say).

SO, I have started another blog page. This blog site is more ME. It's focuses around 3 things, Living Smart, Simple & Stylish! I love a great deal and when I find it - I share it. I love sharing anything that will help something. It's like a get a rush. Many deals or opportunities I have been given or have come across I never shared on the blog. I shared them on my facebook page. I will still have marriage topic days, it just won't be an everyday thing.

Again, I want to thank you for supporting WIFE for 2 years. It's been an interesting ride and I understand I am starting from scratch with this blog, but I am up for the ride!

Please visit and LIKE, FOLLOW & SHARE.

See you on the other side.
This page will remain up for a few weeks, then.... light out!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Heaven is for Real (Book Review)

Hello all!
How is your day going today? I hope Grand! I decided to do a video book review versus typing today.
I recently finished reading the book Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo. It is the story of a little boy who goes to heaven and comes back while in surgery. It's a very interesting an uplifting story. I won't tell to much here because I say it all on the (short) video. Hope you enjoy and feel free to comment.

*This is me also, all natural - no make up, big braid french twist! This is how I roll on a regular day.
At first I wasn't going to make the video because I wasn't all glammed up but I thought, you know what?!?! "Who cares!" I am me and I love the skin I am in. It's about the book anyway! Enjoy!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Valentines Day Blues.....

Do you feel like you have been married so long sometimes that what used to be a special holiday is just another day? It could be your anniversary, birthday, Christmas or even Valentines Day! I know Valentines Day is around the corner but for some reason I feel blah this year. I am not interested in a gift, dinner or even getting him anything. I don't really think for me it has to do with us being together so long, but I think it's the timing of it right now. In our house, it's real busy. We have somethings we have to complete in February and our kids activities (school & extra stuff) appear to be taking over!

If my husband gave me anything for Valentines Day, it could be a day of napping! He could be there right next to me > SLEEPING! LOL!! I don't want any hanky panky, I don't need a romantic get-a-way (I am sure we have a few of those this year!), right now I want a NAP! A day where I can wake up when I want to, eat, and get back in the bed to flip channels, fall back asap, get up and eat and get back in the B-E-D!

Honestly, I don't see that happening until March! So, I have the Valentine's Day Blues I guess. I am just not feeling it this year! I wonder if my hubby will read this today. If he does, I can see him giving me a big hug when I get home! He already gave me a big pep talk on the phone this morning when I told him I was tired!
He's such a good hubby!