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Clean out a cluttered closet and bring a bag full of like-new clothes, shoes, accessories and jewelry to the event, held at The Smyrna Community Center. The swap kicks off at 7:45 p.m., so bring your goods and get ready to mingle with others who share your passion for fashion. Guests will enjoy refreshments and great vendors— to really get you in the mood to put the spark back into your wardrobe!

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What is a Fashion Swap Party?

Plenty of people have items in their closets that they're never going to wear anymore for a slew of reasons. Some ladies, don't wear the same dress twice for fear of being photographed in it twice; others have lost or gained weight and cannot fit items; others just fall out of love with some hand bags and leave them sitting on the shelves.

Fashion Swap Parties are the newest phenomenon in eco-friendly fashion, where people raid their closets for threads they no longer want and bring them to the nearest clothing-swap party (instead of the local consignment store). There, fashionistas gather to garner once-loved pieces from both friends and complete strangers. Attendees can swap clothes, accessories, shoes and lots more. With the economy the way it is, Fashion Swap parties are a great way to refresh your wardrobe and a great way to recycle things you don’t want anymore and have a lot of fun doing it.


Clothing, bags, belts, shoes or other accessories. No more than 10 items per person. The amazing dress you wore to your best friend's wedding that you can't possibly be seen in again! That pair of shoes that you bought too small and have never quite managed to squeeze your tootsies into. The jacket that your mother bought you that isn't quite your style but is WAY too good to be given away. The jeans you bought on sale over one year ago that you promised yourself you would get into before summer.

How does a Fashion Swap Party work?
1.Gather all of your high end clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories that you no longer desire. All items must be clean and in excellent condition. NOTE: It is not required to bring a high-end item. (See # 4 below).

2.Any unaccepted items can be left to be donated to charity.

3.There is a $20 entrance/donation fee for each of our fashion swaps. $20 for a bag full of NEW-TO-YOU clothes! Great deal. The $20 covers our out-of-pocket expenses; location rental, refreshments, supplies, etc..

What happens once I arrive at the Fashion Swap Party? And how does it work?
1.Check in your clothes and accessories you no longer wear at the check in desk, between 7:00pm and 7:30pm.
2.You will receive a ticket for each item you check in.
3.Enjoy food and drinks while catching up with friends and meeting other Atlanta fashionistas.
4.The swap event will start at 7:45pm.
5. SWAP until you drop! Whatever you can fit in your bag,  you can have!
6.Once you have selected your items, please proceed to vendor area to look at some great products!
*Swap verbiage - thanks to Atlanta Fashion Swap & The Swapaholics*

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