Tuesday, April 12, 2011

When is it the end of a friendship?

Have you ever had a friend and you were super close and all of a sudden things just changed? If you really examine the friendship, most likely things didn't just happen. It was probably slowly changing and you didn't catch it. Have you ever had a best friend one day and the next day you two were just cool. You two don't call each other like you used to or hang out like you used to. You see her name on the caller id and don't answer. She has an event or party and for whatever reason, to you it's not important enough to go. You try to communicate to each other and it's still just not clicking. The sad part is that neither one of you did anything horrible to each other. Neither one of you lied or stole from one another, but for whatever reason the friendship just went down hill. Has that ever happened? What did you do? Do you just let the friendship go? Do you try to really restore it? Is it the "People are in your life for season, reason, or lifetime" line that people love to say? Just a thought.

If it's worth saving, I think it would be a good idea to sit down and communicate. Neither one might not really know what the other is personally going through. And sometimes when you are going through personal issues, your actions are different. You sometimes say things you don't really mean or do things you might not actually do if your circumstances were different. If it's not worth saving............I guess that response is up to you.

Friday, April 8, 2011

It not you! It's her I don't trust!

Funny. I was watching Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns tonight and Sasha's mother-in-law brought her husband's ex-fiancé over to see her son (Sasha's husband). She was going out to dinner with her son and invited his ex to attend! His wife (Sasha) had to go to work. Sasha asked him (really demanded) not to go because she trust him, but she doesn't trust her (the ex). What the wife didn't know was that her mother-in-law invited the ex because she felt her son was unhappy in his marriage. And the Ex didn't know that HE was actually happy in his marriage.

It just made me giggle when she said "It's her I don't trust!" Some women are so quick to think every EX wants their man, when sometimes that could be farther from the truth AND sometimes they need NOT trust their man. Some women are so quick to give their man the benefit of the doubt when SOMETIMES he just doesn't deserve it. Sometimes it is the hubby calling the ex, texting the ex, emailing the ex! But when they get close to getting caught - BLAME the ex! And we are like "I trust you boo! I know she still want you!" Are you really sure?

All I am saying is, its not always the ex going after your man. In the end of this episode, they all figured out that the mother set them all up. Oh! One more interesting tidbit. The wife asked him not to go out with the ex and his mom to dinner, and he said "He's grown and its just dinner!" And he went. Leaving the Wife with her mouth open. I don't think that would happen in real life. Ummm maybe.


Monday, April 4, 2011

WIFE was never intended to be JUST a blog! (Please read)

I know it has been a while since I have blogged. I have really been thinking about alot. I have been thinking about life, my blog, WIFE and other goals. I have been really trying to decide in what direction I want to take WIFE and execute it.

WIFE was never intended to be a blog. It was always supposed to be a support group for married women. A support group where we meet once a month or at least twice a month. My vision/goal for WIFE is an organization that supports the dreams and desires of married women. I want WIFE to be a safe haven. A place where they can relax, relate, and release the cares of wifehood, motherhood and life. A place where women can get support and assistance on goals, and assistance when their funds are low!

I started the blog until I could get the actual support group up and running. But I believe I had gotten used to the blog and didn't focus on the actual in-person group as much. I was reminded on multiple occasions, through conversations, actions, and time with God about why WIFE was created in the first place.

I will be officially starting the WIFE support group soon. I will be having an initial meeting later this month with potential board members and will plan to have the first actual meeting in May. I will still do topics on the blog (so please still read and share the site), but as the WIFE Support Group evolves, so will the blog. I welcome your ideas as well.

Thanks for your support on this blog, facebook, youtube, and via email. I am excited to see how WIFE evolves into the ultimate WIFE support group.
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