Sunday, November 13, 2011

I finally got to meet "DERWIN" from "The GAME!"

I have a vision board and on the board I have a section that says, Meet These People... Well on that list is Oprah, The Obamas, Tyler Perry, Mary J Bilge & The Cast of the Game. Well well well, last week I got the opportunity to be an extra on the set of BET's "The GAME"! When I got the call, I called ev-ver-ry-bod-dy!! I was just going to be an extra, but I was also going to meet my long time tv crush! I am natural (without relaxer) and I usually wear my hair in twist or in a protective style* (email me and I will tell you more about hair care!). But when I got the call, I headed straight to the Dominicans and got my hair straightened, got my lashes and make-up done! Do you like my dress? I do. I also LOVE that is was only $6 at Target! We had to come to the set with make-up already ready. I knew I was fine that day! LOL!
When I got to set they made me change to this purple dress. :( For the scene we where shooting for, the purple dress was more appropriate. I guess. So be on the look out for me in the background sometime in February in my purple dress with my feather boa! I don't say anything but give a facial expression here and there! So... did I meet Pooch Hall? Yes I did. It was quick, fast and in a freaking hurry. It's so funny because we shot for two days and we were in the room together for both those days. He was even arms touching lengths away from me so many times, I almost choked! (Well the first day I did. By the second I was cool). So day 1, I said to myself, it's either now or never. So, we were standing near each other watching Malik and Jason act a scene out. I leaned over and said, "Hello Pooch! I have always wanted to meet you! I love your character and I am a twitter follower!" He smiled and said, "Oh really! That's what's up!" He put his hand out to shake my hand and said, "What's your name?" I told him. It looks like he was about to say something else to me but someone grabbed him away to do something. And that was the extent of our convo! The rest of the evening he didn't say anything nor did he the next day. He is very silly. He plays all the time. I think if it were an atmosphere where I could just be me, we would get along great but he was free to be himself. And I had to be "professional". Is he cute in person. Yes. Is he like Derwin, no. Will I still crush on him now. Probably not. Who will I crush on now? Malik. I could not stop staring at him. He was nice, slim, and so handsome. I didn't say anything to him until day 2. I just told him, I really like the show and keep up the good work. He said "Thank you and nice to meet you too!" ....... um um ummm. Also I met Jason Pitts! We actually had a convo about kids. He was a pleasure to speak with as well. I didn't get to meet the famous Tasha Mac because she wasn't there for my scene. I did get to meet Tia. I said "Hi Tia!" She said, "Hi!" smiled, and kept on walking. Yep. Kept on walking. I was kind of disappointed by that, mainly because I love her character and I wanted to really meet her and for her to just give me a "Hi!" and keep walking....well, at least I met her. 

I can say that 2 of my visions (on my vision board) came true this week. 1. I acted on a sitcom. 2. I met the cast of The Game. I will never forget this experience. Now I need my "Dancing with the Stars" vision to come true!

I won! I won! I won the contest!

Guess what! I won the Black Swan Style Swap Contest. I received the news two weeks ago but I just haven't been able to update my blog. The contest ended on October 31 and I emailed the lady in charge on November 4th to find out the results. Well, she called me right back and told me she has good news for me! She said, "Not only were you a finalist and won $500 but you are also the Grand Prize Winner of $4,500!!!" What a grand total of $5,000! I almost jumped out of my office! I was so excited and so thankful. BUT BUT BUT the not so great news is that I won't get it until early.2012.  So no Christmas shopping with that money! It is still a blessing none the less. The original gift was supposed to be a trip for two to Boston, hotel stay, and more. They decided to just give the value of the grand prize. That is fine with me!

I am so happy and I appreciate all the votes from my friends and family! It really did matter. It really did count!