Saturday, March 20, 2010

What's on your mind weekend?

It is 3:38am and I am up... I am sitting up in the bed watching a re-run of The Game. I love that show. I pray BET picks it up. The Hubby is sleep right here. I have been on the computer for a couple of hours trying to learn more about blogging and my blog. I wanted to talk and didn't feel like posting fruitless post on Facebook, so I thought I would talk with the WIFES?

What's on your mind this weekend? Tonight, I had dance rehersal. I dance at my church. And then we proceeded to have our first women's meeting of the year headed by our First Lady. It was a good meeting but I had to leave before they did the raffle b/c my mother called me and wanted to get her Friday Night Party on, so I had to go get my children. My husband was at the Atlanta Hawks game. Tomorrow, my mind is on cleaning. I want to SPRING CLEAN. Let me rephrase that...I need to SPRING CLEAN! LOL

Another thing that is on my mind is the HEALTHCARE VOTE. They need 216 votes to pass this. Right now they are saying if everyone votes they way they think, it's going to be tied at 212 from both sides. So, I am crossing my fingers that this passes. Millions of people need this to pass and will benefit. Just my thoughts.

What's on your mind this weekend?


Anonymous said...

There is so much things running around in mind I have to do.
I too have to spring clean. I began by opening all the windows. That is as far as I got because as you can tell, I am on this stupid computer. I have to go to bank before 12pm it is now 11:40. Do you think I can make it to the bank? No, because I am in my pajamas.

I also, want to go to Snellville to see my cousin who lost over 25 lbs and is now off 3 medications to include her insulin she took 3 times a day for diabetes. Praise God! Then last put not least plan my way to my million dollars. All of this to be done TODAY. So my friends I am off to do what I got to do.

The Wife said...

I hear that! Put your plan together for your Million Dollars! I hope you can do it all and then some. I have 2 more rooms to go. As you can see I am on the computer too. But the children are down for a nap, the hubby just left for a men's meeting that I forgot about. So now it's just me...finishing the spring cleaning. He did wash both cars, vaccum the bedroom and living room and help me with the kids all day. So I can't complain. Alrighty.... have a great rest of the day.

wife K said...

Funny its my b-day weekend and i am sick. My hubby and i planned a romantic get-a-way, but we will only get to enjoy each other at home because of this. So he gets up and opens all the windows for spring cleaning also. However we do have the house to ourselves, and, were able to watch movies with VERY LITTLE CLOTHING ON all day! I also went out on Friday with a few friends and had a great time.

The Wife said...

@Wife K, that still sounds like a nice weekend alone with the hubby!

Happy Birthday!

The Wife!