Sunday, May 9, 2010

How was your MOTHER'S DAY?

                                                       Hello Ladies! How was your Mother's Day? Tell us about it! My whole weekend was GREEEAAATT! It started on Thursday. Thursday evening, I was invited to the movie premiere of the new Queen Latifah and Common movie Just Wright. I will do a review this weekend. Since it hasn't come out yet, I don't want to give anything away, but it was sooooo good! Go out and support this movie! I was invited with the group Mocha Moms, the theatre was closed for us and I took my mother. We had a great time too. Friday, of course I went to get my hair done! Whoo-hooo love it. I got my NeNe (Atl Housewives) look on. Came home and cleaned-up because Saturday we were due to tape more WIFE episodes. Saturday morning the ladies of WIFE arrived. My hubby took the children out (I think to get my Mothers Day gift!:) while we were taping. We had a ball. I think we geled better this time and just kinda forgot the camera was there and a good time. Saturday afternoon once the ladies left, my hubby and I took the children over my mothers house and I surprised him and got tickets to the ATL Hawks Playoffs!! He was so surprised! We had a good time too. Even though we lost the game, and he was yelling at those HAWKS! LOL... But we had a good time at the game laughing and just being together. Sunday is church of course! Sunday morning, I was getting ready and had the door closed. My baby girl (who is 2) kept banging on the bathroom door saying, "Mommy, open the door for me!" I opened the door and she said, "Here Mommy!" It was a big bag with a card sticking out! I was like AWWWWWWWWW! Of course I opened the card from my kids, and another one from the hubby! And in the bag..... WOO WOO WOO! It was the banging bag (snake skin) and the shoes to match! I hugged my kids and hugged my hubby tight! I was like, "I LOVE IT!" and I really did. I sure did wear it to church too! After church, we met my mother and took her out to eat. At the restaurant, I handed her a card. She touched the person next to her to show her the card. She opened it and it had $2 in it. She looked at the person and they started laughing. I know she was embarrassed but she shouldn't have touched the person thinking it was more money in it than it was! She looked down and said awww thanks! Then I said I have another gift for you, so I pulled out a shabby pink purse out my bag. I said, "I have this cute bag for you and wasn't able to wrap it." She said, "Oh ok, thanks" So she
took the purse and felt something hard in it...and proceeded to open it.... It was 100 singles! She screamed to loud! The lady next to her then started smiling! She said, "Yall hit the lottery! Yall came into some money!" I said, "NO! All that money is not 20's!! It's one's!! LOL!! But we had a good day. We (the hubby and the kids) did some more things after dinner and came home and we all took a long nap! Whewwww, what a weekend. I need a day to recoup! But I can't.
What about you all. What did you do?


Chrissy said...

I woke up yesterday morning, ,made a trip to the bathroom, came back to bed (just wasn't ready to face the day) and to my surprise there was a little black velvet box sitting in my spot on the bad with hubby saying "Happy Mother's Day" I opened and found a diamond anniversary band I've been wanting for a long time. Needless to say, there were lots of tears, hugs and "I love yous" The kids followed with lots of homemade cards and gifts from school. We all got up, got dressed and headed to a fabulous brunch. We later went to my hubby's friend's house for a bbq where the kids played and we relaxed and had a great time. I couldn't have asked for a better day.

Wife E said...

My mother's day weekend was also great. my girls and I spent Friday with just some lady time. Saturday did the WIFE taping with my girl B! Great time with some Great ladies! Took my oldest daugther to her game and enjoyed more girl time. The men in my life (Hubby and son)had basketball all day on Saturday so I didn't get to see them but for a minute. Sunday, our son had basketball again(what happen to Sunday being the rest day) and the hubby took him but met up with me and the girls at church. We enjoyed the service. Had lunch, open a BIG gift from the hubby (even after I told him not to get glad he did though :))loved it all too! and spent the rest of the day in BED! :) Just the weekend I needed..

Anonymous said...

Mother's Day was great...I spent lots of time with my family...minus's complicated...but overall, I had a GREAT Mother's Day because I spent it with my mother, grandmother, aunts, and my daughter. What more could a Mother ask for...I have no is what it is! I'm glad you ladies had a wonderful Mother's Day also!!

Lotta said...

I had a nice Mother's Day as well. I woke up early and cleaned up(yea yea I know but being a mother I couldn't let my house be dirty on Mother's Day!! LOL) My Hubby tried to beat me getting up, but was too slow. He was like "Boo, what are you doing?? I said "Cleaning" He said" I was trying to beat u get up to clean" I said "too late" LOL! He got up and made brunch with the help of our babies. I watched some movies with my FAM. Hubby made dinner and brownies for dinner. So it was a nice quiet day at home. Got roses and tons of cards...Was a very nice day.