Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend! Whewww

I can not say I am glad this weekend is over because I did get some well needed rest. I feel like I am finally caught up on sleep. Now I just have to maintain this feeling of being just right.  My weekend started Thursday when my son graduated from Pre-K. I was asked to be the MC of the event. They do a full out graduation, with the cap and gown, processional and they cross the stage to get their diploma and award. They also showcase what they have learned over their time. My daughters class sang three songs too! It was so touching. I cried at the end. Friday evening, my husband and I had a business presentation and then spent the remaining part of the night playing with our children. I told them they could stay up all night because they couldn't stay up Thursday night. And you know children don't forget. Luckily for me, they got tired around midnight. As soon as they went to sleep, so did I!! Saturday was clean house day for me! I cleaned up and folded clothes until around 3pm. My friend who owns a shoe store in the mall was doing a Sex in the City theme and featuring another friends new clothing line so I wanted to go see the store, the line and support. I got my children dressed, then myself and my husband said we have one stop to make first. So we went to look at a car! You see on this past mothers day, he wanted to get me a car but it didn't work out that way because people weren't being honest and he didn't want to rush the find! And he has been looking for cars ever since, always going to test drive but he never says - "This is the one, or come see this one." But today was different. We all went to see the car and long story short - 2 hours later....."My hubby bought me a car!!" I am so thankful and happy about it. My BMW was on it's last leg. And I mean that literally. It hasn't went in reverse in almost 4-5 months! So don't ask me how I drive it that way!! (For the most part, my hubby drove it and I drove his truck) Not to mention the other issues. But my husband knew it was time and he got me a SUV, 3rd row, good mileage, much needed space and NO CAR NOTE! That's what I really like. I haven't had a car not since 2000 and I want to keep it that way!

So after we finalized the car deal, we had 30 minutes left to get to the mall. I was on that highway rolling! I walked in the store at 8:55pm! The mall closes at 9pm.  But the store was nice and the clothes were too cute. I bought alot of accessories. My hubby was like take it easy now, you just got a car! Sunday, I had to dance at church and for the first time in a long time I was really nervous. But the routine went iigght. After church my mom watched the children while the hubby and I went out with the Pastor and senior leaders of the church. Great meal and great conversation. After church, we picked up the children and let my son rent a movie. He picked Alvin and the Chipmunks again! My husband went fishing and we (the kids and I) took a 4 hour nap. Man that felt like heaven. We got up, ate and just enjoyed each other until around midnight again and this time we let the kids stay in our room! Not sure what I was thinking because my kids sleep wild. I was so thankful for a day off. Monday, we ran errands and went over my daughters God-parents house. We bbq'd, and even went fishing in their lake. My son caught a bigger fish then his daddy! Then we came home and start getting things back to normal. I wish I had Tuesday off too!

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