Monday, September 20, 2010

Just a few things.....

Good Monday Morning Ladies.

Today is my 7th Wedding Anniversary. Wow 10 years together, 7 years married. Time has really gone by. I am really not sure what we are going to do today and honestly it's not a big deal. It's not a big deal because we just went on a cruise and had a great time, so I told him don't spend any extra on me. Only thing I wanted to do because we are both at home today and the children are at school, is go to the movies to see Takers. Not sure if that will happen because my grandparents are visiting me from Tennessee and she (granny) might want me to run her around. We'll see. I am still thinking about the fact that I have been married 7 years! Who would have thought? Who would have thought how hard marriage would be? How much sacrificing I would have to do? No one ever tells you that! Who would have thought about all the great things that happen just because you're married as well? If you are single and never been married - MARRIAGE IS WORK! Marriage (a good marriage) is a blessing too. And I will honestly admit that I have a GOOD husband. I am truly thankful.

That leads me to my next topic, Getting to Happy written by Terry McMillian, and how this books takes place 15 years later (from where Waiting to Exhale left off). We are reading this book, so please get it and be ready to discuss it! But it's a 362 page book. I am on page 208 and started reading this book Friday! It's a page turner and now that I am older and married I can relate so much more to SOME of the things they say and I have friends that I can identify in this book too. Most of all it makes me think about my own marriage and wonder ........ I will wait for the book discussion to say it. Friday, we went out to dinner with 5 other married couples and 2 of the women mentioned the book club and asked have we started reading the book? OF COURSE LADIES! GET THE BOOK! We are reading! We are reading! :)

FREE MUSEUM DAY - September 25, 2010
Enjoy a day out with the family…for free! The 6th Annual Smithsonian Museum Day takes place this year on Sept. 25th.  You can get 2 FREE admission passes to many museums nationwide!
Click Here for 2 Free Passes and register for the Museum of your choice!
I actually got 2 passes for the Center of Puppetry Arts and plan to take my children this coming Saturday. I am also taking my son to a Mocha Moms event, B.O.B, Boys Booked on Barbershops. Boys Booked on Barbershops is a national, cutting edge literacy program designed to make the most of naturally occurring opportunities for young children to read in familiar neighborhood sites such as barbershops. Mocha Moms chapters throughout the country are working with barbershops in their communities to set up reading nooks with a wide variety of books designed to spark the interest of young boys. The overall goal of B-BOB is to facilitate the ongoing practice of reading as boys make their regular visits to barbershops.

Have a great day ladies and please continue to send me topics!
I hear my granny in the kitchen talking to my husband..................I guess I have to go now! LOL

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