Thursday, October 14, 2010

Deal Breakers? Sheree's New Boyfriend FRAUD (Fake Doctor)! Gwen Stephani's Husband - had a SAME SEX fling!

Sheree is currently dating a man named Tiy-E Muhammed, who calls himself a Doctor. The two met during a blind date on the show (which aired earlier in the week) and they're now seriously dating. Well, EXCLUSIVELY learned that Sheree's current boyfriend was BUSTED for being a FRAUD. You see, in 2005 he was FIRED from Clark Atlanta University for FRAUDULENTLY calling himself a doctor. Apparently he never went to med school, nor did he have his PhD.

Here's how the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported it back in '05:
Muhammad, 35, says he's a doctor, but he didn't earn a Ph.D. in psychology at the school from which he has said he graduated, school records show. In fact, he attended Southern Illinois University for just one semester as an unspecified graduate student, said SIU spokesman Tom Woolf.

Muhammad said he left Clark Atlanta, where he was an associate professor in the psychology department for four years, because he wasn't paid enough and he"no longer felt that spark" from teaching. School officials said he left after they discovered his credentials were bogus. Muhammad, who received a master's degree in guidance and counseling from Eastern Illinois University, said Monday he was unaware that claiming to be a psychologist without a license was illegal. "I checked it out when I moved here. 's not against the law," he said. But when a reporter read Muhammad the Georgia Law Code that relates to psychologists (Sec. 43-39-7), he said, "I'm a life coach, I say I'm a life coach. It makes things simpler."

Gwen Stephani's husband has had a homosexual relationship. Here is how Mediatakeout reported it:
Here's how the NY Daily News is reporting it:
A source close to the Bush front man tells us he's "seriously regretting" going on the record with the publication about his 1980s affair with gender-bending pop singer Marilyn (nee Peter Robinson) - in part, because he then had to come clean with his wife.

In the article, which posted on Details' website on Monday (and will be available on newsstands Oct. 19), Rossdale admits to the long-rumored affair after writer Jonah Weiner asks him if the relationship, which took place when Rossdale was 17 years old, was a case of "one-time experimentation."

The rocker responded, "Yeah. That was it." But our source tells us (and another confirms) that after the interview, Rossdale approached the publication's editors and "pleaded with them" not to print the admission. Details chose to run with its scoop.

OKAY!! So would this be a deal breaker for you. If you found out your husband had a sexual affair or conquest when he was a teenager (and shoot, possibly when he was a little older too) before he married you. Would you then leave him? Man, that is a hard one. I pray I never have to find out anything on that level about my husband. But she will probably stay.

If they guy you are dating (in Sheree's case) claimed to be one thing and it was found out (through the media) that he wasn't, you would break up with him. To call yourself a doctor when you are clearly NOT is big deal. The thing that made me laugh was when he said, "It isn't again the law, I looked it up!" What in the world! It always makes me shake my head how people get away with such things or think they will. And to think, he did teach for 4 years as a Doctor.! If I were his former students I would be upset at that. In Sheree's case, I wonder if she would stay. Maybe if it hadn't hit the media and embarrassed her like it did today she might stay because I am sure he gave her some lame game about the situation and she believed him. BUT now that it's in the Media and probably more information about him came out then he probably told her, she might think twice. Time will tell.

So is it a deal breaker? Have you ever found out anything about your spouse or vice versa that was?
*Inserts from today's blog were taken from Mediatakeout.*

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"Cookie" Payne said...

Wow, I have been behind on the RHOA! I remember Tiy-E from a few years ago, but I think that it was "Professor Tiy-E". Anyway, if you can't be upfront about who you are, then that is a red flag that there's a lot more going on undercover that a sistah might not want to get involved with. As for Gwen Stephani's husband and his sexuality - deal breaker! :/