Thursday, October 28, 2010

The NOSE, BREAST, TUMMY!!! What is next? Who is next? Me? You?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta have many fans. And one the breakout start herself is Mrs. Nene Leakes. This is the third season of the RHOA and she keeps bringing it harder and harder. Well this season she lets cameras follow her as she changes her appearance or "get a tune-up" as she calls it. Nene got a nose job, breast-lift and liposuction around the stomach area. Do you think she needed it or looks better or worse?

Well based on the two pictures in this blog she does look better but that's also make-up, lighting and photoshop? And don't we all want to look our best? I am not really upset at the fact she wanted to get a tune-up. I have read so many comments on other sites saying she messed herself up! If we tell the truth - we would probably tune ourselves up too (rather than just work out!) if we had the money to do so. I think the thing many people have a problem with is that she appeared to do it (the changes) once she hit "celebrity" status. Is that really new? So many people change their features when this happens? Is this right? I really can't say, but I do ask this question....why the nose? It seems that everyone wants to change their nose when they "get famous"! Does your nose really hold you back? And whose nose are you trying to get? Just asking.

So ladies, have you ever received plastic surgery? Have you ever thought about it? Is your appointment set? I haven't had plastic surgery but have I thought about it? Ummmmm, yep. What you ask? A breast lift. After 2 children and breast feeding ...... I will just leave it at that. I actually don't want implants, I have a good size but in most cases if you get them lifted, you have to get implants. So right now, I wear a great bra. It's funny because other women compliment my breast! I have been accused at my old job as having a boob job! I just laugh because I take it as a compliment. I say, "I just have good posture and wear a good bra!" Hold your back straight ladies! Makes a world of difference. Now the tummy is another area that I have considered. I did research on tummy tucks but honestly, I think I would be too afraid to go through with it. It's a year recovery too! But after having seen Nene get liposuction in the area - that might be an option (yeah right!). I didn't know you could do that! I actually don't need a tummy tuck. When I am at my exercise peek and not eating many processed carbs, my stomach is flat. And thanks to olive oil I don't have many stretch marks but a C-section leaves you with an unwanted pouch!

Look, if you have the money and you have a trusted doctor and you want a "tune-up" by all means do what makes YOU happy. YOU only. I really don't think I would get plastic surgery just FOR my husband. I guess I can say that because he likes me the way I am but altering myself (besides a tummy tuck or gastric bypass because some people need that) for someone else primarily is a major deal. If your husband asked you to change your nose, enhance your breast, lipo those thighs, whatever... would you do it? Just asking.


Chrissy said...

I too have considered a breast lift for the same reason. My hubby is completely against it for fear they will look (and feel) unnatural. I don't know if I would do it anyway plus they aren't that bad. At least not now but in 10 years I might have a real problem with them. I understand his concerns but I need to be happy with the way that I look and if that will make me happy, I just might do it (if I could afford it, of course).

Anonymous said...

If that's what makes you happy go for it! It is a personal choice, and we women go through so many changes in our bodies especially after having kids. So if doing a lil lifting and lipo brings personal satisfaction I say have a ball!! If your spouse is trying to make you do it now that's a different story.

Terry said...

Wow! Nene is gorgeous! She looks more beautiful with the changes of her body. I remember my Aunt, Penelope who chose breast lift (Los Angeles) over breast implants (Los Angeles) because she's more comfortable of the former. Thankfully, the surgery went well. she looks so beautiful now despite getting older.