Monday, January 24, 2011

Mothers!! Question: To Immunize or not to immunize your child?

This topic was given to me by my friend "Lotta"! There has been a major debate over the last decade about immunizing your children. Do you or don't you? With the scare of autism, so many parents are having a hard decision to make. When I had my son, which was only 5 years ago - it was 1 in 166 boys get autism. Now 5 years later, it's 1 in 60! Doctors are still saying that immunizations don't cause or contribute to autism but if you ask mothers that have an autistic child they might say something different. Many mothers of autistic children noticed differences in their children shortly after 2 years of age and getting their shots. The whole thing was just scary to me. When my son turned 2, I literally prayed before I went to the doctor.

There are some pretty famous women who sons have autism and they are talked about the gluten in food effecting their child. By removing the gluten it seems to be helping their children so that's a good thing. So, the question is, do you immunize your child? I have given both my children all their shots at the time they were supposed to get them. I even had a good talk with their doctor before they got their shots, he again tried to reassure me but when you listen to other mothers - you just don't know who to believe. There was actually one case where the parents sued the doctors and won. Their daughter got autism right after her immunization but it was proven that they gave her the shots while she had a fever and that is a big no-no!

Besides autism, is there another reason you wouldn't immunize your children? I do think it's important because of all the diseases you are preventing. They even have a vaccine for chicken pocks now! WHAT! They didn't have that when I was growing up! Everybody had chicken pocks. I got mine in the 7th grade. I thought my life was over. I kept looking in the mirror crying! Now, you don't ever hear of kids having it. I am going to continue to give my children their vaccines and also continue to pray over my babies. What about you?


ToshaDevon said...

Hi B...great topic...I actually work in a health care facility where they give immunizations. I believe they are neccesary and prevent hundreds of what could be fatal diseases. We have photos and information depicting children who were not immunized and they are not nice. I believe that children should be immunized in order to prevent contracting diseases. However, I do sympathize with families whose children have autism. I hope that they find a cure and that they offer more assistance with healthcare regarding this prognosis. Thanks for the outlet!!!

Lotta said...

Hey Thanks for the shout out B!! :-)
I did several things when my children were infants/toddlers---for their first immunizations. I researched talked to pediatricians, other moms, my mom, my OBG, my physician. I wanted to know the statistics and IF they would affect my babies. After receiving all the knowledge...I decided to have my children immunized. I know that was best for them. I prayed as well to ensure they would be ok. the side affects or reactions are extremely scary but are very rare. I think it appears to be more increasing now...'autism' and immunizations because ppl are more aware of this particular disease. I am quite sure that other things factored into the child developing autism not just the immunizations. I have read about cases where one un-immunized child affecting some many others. I believe it is best for children to be immunized; those childhood diseases;especially in infants can be deadly that's why we have vaccines for them. As a matter of fact, as I write I recall an incident which was broadcasted on the news where an infant died, as a result of being infected by an un-immunized child. The baby was only two weeks old and was too young for the vaccination so the child died. In this case if that infected child was immunized the baby would still be alive.

Pearl said...

Hello everyone,
I am a special education grad student and according to a news story I heard a few weeks ago, the information put out about immunizations being linked to autism was false and the so called professional that put this information out admitted to lying about it. It pays for parents to do their own research. There are pros and cons regarding immunizations. However, I know several parents that have lost children to diseases/illnesses whereby immunizations may have saved their lives.