Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jumpoffs GONE WILD! Why do Men feel the need to even have a jumpoff?

I read different media outlets from time to time and it never fails that it's at least one story about a jumpoff "mistress" ready to tell it all. Why do men need a jumpoff anyway? It seems that more and more Celebrity Jumpoffs are willing to tell everything that happen between them and their celebrity lover. Just yesterday, the alleged jumpoff of Carmelo Anthony is now writing a tell all book. It seems that every time you look up, a lady that has been sleeping with a married NBA or NFL player, actor or rapper is shouting from the roof top, "I did it! I slept with him! Look at me! Listen to the details!"

My question is, didn't you know when you started sleeping with him that you were the other woman? I am sure you did. Was is something that he didn't give you or did you end up falling hard for him and when he finally wouldn't leave his wife - you decided to let the world know? I am not condoning having a jumpoff or mistress by any means, but if you are going to be one - know your part! You are the side piece not the main piece and why is it so important to tell everybody your own personal business. You are hurting his wife and his family. It's one thing to have a personal conversation with his wife but why release pictures, text, and detailed stories for the world to see. What do they gain by doing that? Unless, it was a game from the beginning.

My other question is, why do so many celebrity men have mistresses! What's so funny is that men still haven't learned. They more you have, the more you have to lose and yet men keep putting their families, health and futures at risk. If you want to have other women, why even get married. Just be single and play the field. Why get married and then still sleep with women. Is it for an image? Forget an image, just be you. Be open about being a ladies man versus being caught as a cheater and let your domestic issues play out in the media.


Mia said...

Jumpoffs are created because men like to have their cake and eat it too. Very cliche but so true. Women are like Lay's chips to men, they can't have just one. The women like to exploit these men because there have got to be lies being told in the bedroom. They are probably being told that they will eventually leave their wives when in fact they aren't so they get back at them by creating these videos and saving emails & texts to show off to the world. Not to mention, these celebrities (NBA/NFL players, rappers etc) have money so the jumpoffs will try to get what they want out of the deal to keep quiet. All in all, these men could careless what consequence comes from their infidelities, as long as they are getting the goodies.

ToshaDevon said...

Jumpoffs will go crazy!!!! And that's all I will say on this one...good blog topic!!!!