Thursday, February 3, 2011

Relaxed Hair versus Natural Hair (Give-a-way)

(Sorry about the Video Quality! It will be better next time! Promise!)
Hello Ladies! Today's topic is Relaxed Versus Natural Hair. Which do you prefer? I have been both. I have now been natural for 4 years and it has not always been easy but it's been worth it. I wear my hair in twist sets, straight and I even wear a quick weave from time to time. I like the versatility of being natural and I also love how thick and shiny my hair is naturally. I am responsible for many of my friends going natural (toot toot! That is me tooting my own horn!)

BUT BUT BUT for as many women that are going natural, there are still women that love their relaxers! This blog entry is not to bash them but inquire WHY? Why do you still get a relaxer? Have you ever tried not getting a relaxer for at least 6 months, a year or longer? Were you ever natural and went back to a relaxer? Are you scared to try being natural? Or are you just plain happy having a relaxer?

I was able to attend the Mo'Nique Show taping yesterday (I will also be on the first 5 minutes of the show playing her Black History Game next week) Bria Murphy (daughter of Eddie and Nicole Murphy) was a guest. Bria is now the spokesperson for Dark & Lovely Products! She also gave everyone in the audience the New Dark & Lovely Healthy Gloss 5 Relaxer. The five signs of healthy hair are moisture, shine, strength, softness and body! Well, I don't need the relaxer. I wanted to do a give-a-way for my Facebook Friends and Blog Friends! All you have to do is comment on why you LIKE GETTING A RELAXER! We will go over the comments and choose the best one. The winner will be shipped the new relaxer and picture posted on the blog! Please don't forget to LIKE the Facebook Page as well.

Thanks soooooooooooo much! We look forward to reading your comments!


Shawne said...

I like having a relaxer because that is all I know! I have used Dark and Lovely products before and have been meaning to get the High GLoss! I can't imagine not getting a relaxer. Being natural is now who you are, and being relaxed is who I am!


Courtney said...

How are you, I went on you r site and saw your relax or natural piece, I didnt know that you were natural, you fooled me. I tried natural hair all last year because of financial issues and I have tried it off and on for years, but last year was the longest and it seems as though its more tedious to keep natural hair up. I did get twist and then braids after I got micros for 1 month i took them out and all my hair was falling out so I had to get my hair cut, as you can see on my facebook. I really wanted to stay natural, but it was as if I had no choice my hair was so damage, I was looking tow up from the flo up lol any way give me some tips I am thinking about going back natural I have had a relaxer since Christmas but I dont care for them to much b/c my scalp is very sensitive and I burn easily, and I prefer a professional to do it when its relaxed but b/c of finance I havent been to one in a whil ebesides getting it cut. I did find out about a nayural produt that straightens called, I called a few salons about it and they say its great, so if I do decide to go back soon I will try this also

Anonymous said...

I really don't think it is cool to question someone as to why they have a relaxer. Relaxer or natural is a personal preference and really not that big of a deal. It's great that natural hair works so well for some. However, it may not work as well for someone else. Whatever the case, it is a personal choice. I love relaxers, naturals, weaves, wigs, colors, etc. Whatever I am in the mood to do with my hair is what I do and it is my choice. To face even more judgment based on how I chose to manage, style, or wear my hair is just unnecessary.

:) said...

Honestly, I don't see a problem to ask someone why they have a relaxer. People ask women why they DON'T get one! What's the big deal. It's just a question. You face judgement in whatever do; hair, clothes, shoes, job, parenting...People judge and asking someone why they get a relaxer is not that deep to call it unnecessary versus the amount of things that are truly personal. She is just trying to give the perm away! Geesh!

Anonymous said...

I'm natural and do is my 14 year old daughter. She has been natural for 2 years I myself about 1 1/2. We both love our natural hair but as with anything natural or relaxed if you do not take care of it you will get the same results DAMAGED hair. My daughter will be getting a relaxer next week and I will 2weeks later. For my daughter she is a teenager and she styles are limited to twists, braids, or afro and she tired of that which I understand I was 14 once. We tried pressing, flat iron that's a waste of time because 40 min later back to natural for myself if I want to wear straight styles when I'm tired of my natural state I feel like I'm 8 years old again getting my hair done and this tender head can't take it so since I've learned that whether you are natural or relaxed you have to properly maintain your tresses I back to relaxers soon.