Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I cried as my children rode away today! Have you ever sent your kids away to another state?

It was about 5:50 am as my son came to the side of my bed and said, "Mommy, can I tell you a secret!" He leaned over and said, "You are the best mommy ever!" And just stood and looked at me. I looked at him and started crying! He ran out the room, down the stairs, and into his grandparents mini-van. They were taking him and his sister to Florida. My daughter on the other hand wasn't as excited to go. As I walked downstairs, I heared screaming. Her daddy, is holding her as she screams, "I wanna stay! I wanna stay with Mommy and Daddy!" I want to bust out crying even more. I want to grab her and run back in the house! I really do. Instead, I stand there. I let daddy handle this one. And he does a nice job of it. He gives her, who by the way is 3, his fathers cell phone and calls his own cell. He talks to her from his cell as they pull off to make her feel better. She calms down. It worked.

My husband walks in the house still talking, as I wave by outside and crying like a baby. I started praying for my babies. You might be saying, "Why is she over reacting?" And maybe I am, but we live in Georgia. My in-laws live in Florida and it's not a hop-skip-&-a-jump away! It's hours. I have no problem or doubt they will take great care of their grand babies, but for me it's about the distance. They have watched them once before and I cried like a baby then too! I am going to miss them for sure even though I look forward to some alone time with the hubby. I am just not used to sending my kids away "for the summer!" Well it's really not for the summer, more like a week. Still, I honestly don't see how people send their kids away for a whole summer! I would be on edge all summer worried about my babies. I just need some peace that's all. Some peace.

Have you ever sent your kids away for an extended period of time to another state?


Twin said...

Well, my oldest wanted to go to his granny's for the summer but it's still in state. That's a 3.5 hour drive though. He's enjoying himself plus I save money since I don't have to pay for daycare services for two children. I needed this break but I miss my baby.

Anonymous said...

As a child I went away for the summer, and now we send our children away for the summer. Our children are over 800 miles away and we're fine with that. We don't worry about how they will be without us, and while we do miss them, we are happy about the break we get. The kids have been going away since they were 15 months old. How could/can I send my babies so far away for so long? I guess it's a matter of my comfort level and what seems normal to me. I can understand people feeling differently than me about that. But, it has always been important to me to foster a sense of independence in my children and to dedicate time to my husband and our relationship. Before I was anyone's mother, I was somebody's wife.