Monday, August 15, 2011


I actually received a call from a friend with this question. I love it. I love the fact the people want their questions posted and comments from other wives. That's exactly why this blog exist. So let's dig in.

In this situation the husband SNORES. Really snores. He snores so loud and so heavy that the WIFE actually gets up and sleeps on the couch in the middle of the night. She agrees that she sleeps better next to her hubby but, she can NOT sleep when he snores which is more often that not. If she nudges him, it wakes him up and disturbs his sleep (even though he says "Wake me up!") If she doesn't wake him up, she won't sleep. Now my husband snores sometimes, usually if he is super tired. He says I do the same (snore when I'm tired). It has never been that bad that I had to leave the room, and I won't hesitate to knocking him in the head a couple times and saying, "Hey! Hey!!! Turn over!"

They have been to the doctor and he does have condition. I can't quite remember the name she called it or what actually makes him snore but something is going on. She said that getting the snoring machine is really not an option due to financial reasons, but I suggested it might be worth making payments on such a machine. You have to sleep! You need a good night sleep to function. And who wants to have to sleep on the couch for the remainder of the marriage. I know I am exaggerating, but still. I have actually seen on TV talk shows couples that have separate bedrooms because the spouse snores, but is that something you really want to do? I think that in this age of technology, there is no way that something can't be done about his snoring. It's all about how bad do you want a good night sleep.

Ladies, feel free to weigh in!


shawnn bingham said...

As a snoring hubby that has obtructive sleep apnea a cpap or bipap machine is medically needed. Insurance should cover this or you can buy one if you have a prescription. If you look around on the web and comparison shop or buy on refurbished you can cut cost. There are some charities thay may be able to assist. The worst thing she can do is wake him up during an episode the Heart is already inder durest an the sudden agitation can lead to a heart attack. If he starts to suck down the ceiling just touch him gently then firm he will stop snoring or turn over. If you need any more info follow me on twitter at chefbing72 or on FB at bingy bing.

Mr. Man. said...

Good Morning,
I just wanted to say that I use a cpap and my insurance pays for all the equipment. About every 6 months they call and replace all the hoses and filters free. It is a very good thing to have because it helps you to get a more restful sleep. And the machine I use is very small and quite. They have a variety of masks so he can pick the one he wants. Another thing to try for an inexpensive fix is the snore strips you can buy at any drug store. Trust me I come from a family of people that snore so there is a lot of help out there.
Mr. Man.

Delfina Schrecongost said...

I have the same situation as her. I usually sleep at the couch since my husband is still under treatment for his snoring condition. We've tried sleeping remedies like anti-snoring pillows, but since those didn't work, we decided to consult a doctor about it.

Maryam Seifi said...

People who snore frequently when they sleep could be suffering from sleep apnea. It can be quite dangerous for a person, because it tends to block the air passage; which causes the breathing to stop. The use of CPAP is good; however, it can also be treated through surgery as well, if you want a lasting cure.

Maryam Seifi

Sharon Woods said...

Investing on a CPAP can be a bit costly. But if this machine could help you have a good night sleep, it would be a sound investment. Anyway, which remedy did end up going with? I hope it helped your husband with his sleep disorder. All the best!

Sharon Woods @ Falls Park Dentistry