Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Do you look older than your husband?

My husband and I met another couple and chit chatted for a while. My husband had never met either person before. When we left he asked how old were they. I told him I didn't know. Well, he then says "She looks older than him!" I agreed. I said it seems that they have been together for a while because they have two children but I am not sure if she is older or it just looks that way. It got me to looking older than your husband a bad thing? We didn't talk anymore about it, but just the fact he asked me that made me wonder. Do you want your wife to look younger than you? Do you want to look younger than your husband? I think I kinda do (want to look younger). No one has ever told me I look older than my husband, but I think I might feel some kinda way about that, especially since I am 2 years younger than him. I am not saying that it's a bad thing to look older than your man, especially since we are in an age where more older women are dating & marrying younger men. I am just asking, would it bother you if someone made that comment?


Katie Hallison said...

This is why most aging women rely on plastic surgery. Procedures such as these make them look younger, or at least boost their confidence to make them feel beautiful despite their age. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes it sometimes stings! I am 3 years older than my hubby and i am, uhmmm, a little chubbier than he is, which adds to me looking older than him and what my real age is. His friends, our colleagues (yeah we work for the same company), actually ... everyone says "She looks older." But I know he loves me just the way I am. He's got a thing with older women ever since, actually, his first crush is his primary BTW, I am his first and last GF. am I not lucky?...and I love him with all my heart so I choose not to think about me looking older than him too much...

Anonymous said...

I am 12 years older than my husband and everyone says we look the same age .but I know that is going to change at some point and I hate it. I love him very much and know he loves me .but will that change when I start looking older than him .ya IT bothers me

Anonymous said...

Like the other commenter I too am a few years older than my husband. I am almost in my 40s but people's jaws literally DROP when I tell them my age. Almost everyone I meet thinks I am in my late 20s to early 30s. My hubby is about 7 years yonger than me and is in his early 30s but LITERALLY looks like he could pass for 16 or 17 years old! I am so not kidding. He just has really really good genes plus he is part Chinese so those Asian genes mean he will NEVER age lol. It's really funny - I never give our age difference much thought and it's not that I look older than my age- it's just that he looks so much younger than he is. I know that often times when we are out together it must look scandalous but honestly I don't feel like I catch a lot of heat for being a Mrs. Robinson. People seem to accept us wherever we go but there are definately times where some people must think--- is she with her teenage son or what the? I know we look tremendously inappropriate but what can you do? I'm not going to stop living my life and loving my husband lol. I think too, maybe most people just assume oh he must be one of those guys who just looks really young. I mean we both work full-time and are homewoners and both have post graduate degrees. We also have 2 beautiful children that are generally crawling all over us when we do go out. But yes, I do need to drop a few pounds and he could probably stand to gain some lol- weight (too much or too little) is certainly a primary control of the aging process (along with sun damage, smoking, and alcohol intake... and of course genetics). Also- I really don't think cosmetic surgery makes anyone look younger.... just... stranger. The best thing you can do for yourself is to be about 10 pounds below your ideal weight, build muscle, wear sun screen, stay hydrated, and eat protein and fresh fruits and vegetables. Also- love yourself, smile, meditate, and walk for an hour daily. And, take a greater interest in others than yourself and become interesting. READ! :D

Anonymous said...

My wife and I are the same age within months, my family has great genes and are very long lived (we have a few centurions), my wife already looks older and tired all the time, her poor face is just sliding down.

I hate to be so shallow, but I really enjoyed having an attractive woman on my arms, and I know she enjoyed my admiration of her long gone beauty.

From a male perspective, I think men should marry at least five years younger in order to have balance as the couple ages. If you google "husband looks better than wife" you will see there are studies detailing this fact.

And if anyone is wondering, yes, all men are shallow. But I have a feeling all women are too if you could hear their thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I am 3 years older than my husband, and in the last couple of weeks two people thought he was my son. How depressing is that? Very. I am ashamed, but what can I do about it?

Anonymous said...

P.S. I cannot afford plastic surgery.

amal hope said...

Hi i m older than m'y hasband but hé really looks younger our familly didnt sée it .but m'y coworkers say that hé look like a baby or m'y youngest brother and it kills me to hear this words

amal hope said...

The most thing dont mâle him film that you loke older

Anonymous said...

My husband looks younger than me, despite being over 9 years older than me.

....Despite having lived a far less healthy lifestyle than I have. (Less careful with sunscreen, former big time partier, etc.)

He still gets ID'ed, and sincerely, in his 40's.

His parents and my parents give a clue.


Anonymous said...

My husband and I have the same age, we're both 29 years old. we're asians. we had 1 child. He is 5 feet and 11 inches tall and i am 5"1/2.. when i introduced him to my colleagues, they said that he looks younger than me. actually, i feel embarassed.. i feel ashamed.. after hearing those words from them, i feel like i dont want to be with my husband anymore, its like i really do feel inappropriate for him.. i wanna cry now..

bill Powell said...

Don't cry it's going to be ok.
Just take life one day at a time.
Don't put your whole life together in your mind.
Tommorrow is a new day, I promise you will hear somethings different if you wait around:)
Don't put your heart out for strangers to break.
Bless you keep your head up)

Unknown said...
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