Monday, February 15, 2010

How do you handle a new marriage but kids from a previous relationship?

Hello WIFES,

I received this email from a WIFE and I would like to pose this question to you all? Please read the exact question below, and remember we are not experts but we are wives who have a common thread that binds
us all. So please share your stories as well as your opinions b/c you never know how you will bless another wife!

Question of the day:
When you are married but there are kids from previous relationship whether married or not how or why is it a problem between fathers even if they are not involevd in the childs life and you as the mother have no dealing with ether can you propose this as a panel question one day?

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Anonymous said...

Well, I married a man with two kids from a previous marriage. In my case, the ex and I are cordial. However, I beleive she never wanted him to remarry even though she was remarried. It's almost like they do not want the other person to be happy or better yet, "I don't want him but nobody else can have him." Crazy, isn't it. It's like all of a sudden they become jealous because now they ex has found happiness. And when there are children, it does not make the situation any better because they use them and then kids are trapped because they don't know how to handle the New wife/stepmother or husband/stepfather. They are caught in the middle sometimes. If I had to do it all over again, I would marry my husband without the drama...