Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Weeked 2010!

Hello ladies!

It was a very good weekend I must say. I have no complaints at all. It's started Friday and ended today!

Thursday night I went to get my grandmother from Tennessee to come here to watch my children for the weekend. So Friday after my husband finished working, he came home to get me and our alone time had began! We went to the hotel and he had already checked in and took his bags. After we took my things to the room we went to the ballroom to meet our friends that were setting up for Saturday's event. We talked for a while and Earl helped with the sound set up. He left me alone for a while to run up stairs and get our coats because we were hungry and planned to get a bite to eat before relaxing the night away.

We ended up just grabbing a quick bite at Ruby Tuesday b/c Saturday was the fancy date night. This night was just us kicking it, talking, laughing and enjoying each other. And that is exactly what we did. After we came back to the hotel, we went in the lobby b/c he wanted to ask the cook something. I said, "I am ready to go to the room, can I have the key?" He gave me the key and I saw his reflection in the window as I was walking away. He was smiling. I just thought awww he is smiling as I am walking away.... it's a blessing b/c he could be shaking his head like LAAWWD!!

So I put the key into the door and I heard Marvin Gay singing, "Let's get it on!" I was like what the world is going on! So I walked inside and saw rose petals everywhere. On the bed, on the jacuzzi, on the floor, candles around the jacuzzi, and a basket on the night stand. I was frozen for about 5 minutes. Literally.

But all I could do was smile! Now I knew why he was smiling at me a few moments ago. Now I knew why he was taking so long getting my coat before we went to eat dinner. It was very nice. So I now hear a knock on the door. It was my husband. I opened the door and he had the biggest grin on his face, like he knew he was the man. And for that moment he was. I said, "Babe, I think I am in the wrong room!" We both started laughing. I gave him the biggest hug and said a sincere, "Thank you!" And we proceeded to enjoy our night! Smile.

Saturday, we got up and had an intimate breakfast in the dining room of the hotel. We then started getting ready for the day session we were attending with about 19 other married couples at this 1 day Valentine's Day Marriage Retreat. We then attended at wonderful session that was conducted the by heads of the Marriage Ministry at Vision For Souls Family Worship Center. We talked about marriage and then we broke off in two groups, women and men. When the women were alone, we talked about 8 principles that married women can do to strengthen their marriage. Very good information. I will share more as the days go by. But after the day session we had a 2 hour break and we came back at 6:30pm for dinner. At dinner we ate and played a game similar to the newlywed game but what's so funny is that the people that were married the longest did the best! Earl and I got out in the first round! LOL. I said, "Earl we need to go to therapy b/c you don't know me! LOL". We both cracked up. What was the funniest moment of the night is when women had to answer the question, "What is the phrase your hubby uses when he wants some?" OMGoodness, we heard some crazy stuff! One lady said her hubby's phrase is, "Girl, gimme some of that booty!" Another one, "You know Big Daddy need love!", the one that took the cake was when a girl said her husband says, "Are you ready for the Knight Rider!" LOLLLLLLLLLLL OMG that was sooo funny!

So after all that it was time to hug our friends, take pictures and Earl and I to retire to our room. Let's just say it was a great night for the both of us. The next morning, we (the couples) all came downstairs and ate breakfast together and again got to know each other on a whole different level. After we checked out, Earl and I went to see The Book of Eli with our good friends and then we headed home. Oh yeah, we stopped at Kohls and did some shopping and got a bite to eat, then we headed home. Our children were so happy to see us! And we were just as happy to see them. It felt good to be home, but it felt good to be home after coming off a great weekend. We agreed not to let this weekend be just this weekend. But to let the emotions, laughs and etc., that were felt to be expressed all the time. So .... I look forward to tomorrow as his WIFE.


Wife L said...

I'm glad that you had a wonderful time! I wish I could say the same.

The Wife said...

Well what happened?

Wife K said...

I was bless to have a two weekend it is my first one being married and the week before we took out time to go the movies have dinner at houstons and had a couple massage then the actual weekend we were able to attend a marriage retreat and learn a lot about each other as well as was able to mingle with a few friends and get some pointers from a speaker then had fun with some games and enjoyed dinner to return home for dessert :-)for once just enjoyed being under and close to him all day.

Anonymous said...

Please give us details about this Valentine's Day Retreat for 2011 when they are available. Some of us REALLY need to go. ;-)

The Wife said...

I will post the information for next year. But I know it won't be available until next year.