Thursday, February 11, 2010

What are you getting your hubby for Valentines Day?

Good morning WIFE's!

How are you this awesome Thursday morning? I am doing well. The hubby and children are off to work and school. I am about to leave for work after I talk with you all. My Valentine weekend actually starts tomorrow. After I work for a few hours today I am heading to Tennessee to pick up my grandmother and bring her back to watch my children for me. Saturday afternoon and evening we are spending that time with about 18 married couples at our church for a one night away from home Valentines Married Retreat! But my husband wanted some extra time and got us an extra night so we are staying Friday and Saturday. I asked him why did he book an extra night? He said because he just wanted some extra alone time with me and wants to really invest in our marriage. I can't be mad at him for that.

So I am looking forward to tomorrow b/c the children will have the best babysitter and I will have peace while I am away from home. I will be able to relax with the hubby and enjoy our friends. Now as for the gift giving. We have never been real big V-day gift givers, but for some reason this year I want a nice necklace. Maybe it's all those Kay Jewelers commericals that are getting to me!"Every kiss begins with Kay!" (singing!) But I haven't mentioned it to him, so I doubt I get that. Maybe the extra night is my gift.

I really haven't thought about a gift honestly, but now that I am writing this I am thinking about it.
Any suggestions ladies? Any Ideas? Cost effective!


Mrs. LeVerne said...

This Valentines my husband and I are going to get away for the weekend. I will also be changing my appearance to spice up the weekend. Heart felt card and candy as tokens of my love for him. I am wondering what the response will be to the change of my appearance will be. I will blog back with his response.

Wife L said...

B, since you are spending the weekend away and I know that you have the creative streak within you . . . a good gift idea is a basket. Put the items that your husband likes to snack on, put a little bit of chocolate goodies, and then put some gifts that you can share. I've done this before and we really enjoyed it. You can put some bath gels and/or crystals, sparkling cider (if you don't drink) to sub for champagne, (valentine flutes are only $1 at the dollar store). You can put some silk boxers, edible undies or undies that you'd like to see him in! A nice cologne, or even some axe or a nice body spray if you want to keep the total cost down. A massage oil . . .He will love this because it'll be many things in their that are his favorites, plus things that you can share to have a romantic evening. Don't forget to put the strawberries and chocolate in there and/or grapes and you both can feed each other during your bubble bath! Wrap it in the cellophane clear paper and put a bow and/or ballon with it and call it a day! He should love it and you'll surely enjoy. Plus . . .if you want to spice it up even more, you can get the dice that have actions and body parts like kiss-lips! And you have to do what you roll. Those can be fun too. I think that spencers sells those. I hope that this helps.
For me, my husband is talking about not doing anything! He is so obsessed with money now that this may be true. I'm a little pissed because this is also our anniversary. I told him I want to do something! We don't have to spend a lot to have a good time! Have a great weekend girl!

wife k said...

Ok the wife (bk) I was thinking more along the same lines as wife L but no for sure if you haven't done or had one before Massage Eny will do a massage for about twenty bucks a piece on Austell rd and I know how you were talking about doing that and you two can share it together as well as just some sexy fruit pineapples let your imagination go wild with it and of course strawberries and feed one another and the games are a good ideal but dont for get the plastic cuffs in that basket too just remeber to make it something sweet and special a lot of time we put so much into the gift til it is us that they really want so get one of his favorite tee shirt to sleep in while you are out and see how that will heat up for starter hey if you got the hot tub in your room do your impression of a wet tee shirt.

Anonymous said...

Yes I am the wife!! LOL... thanks ladies! Wife L, man your ideas were really good. That is a strong possibilty about the basket but I have to do it tomorrow because we go to the hotel 2mrw! I am looking forward to relaxing the most. Man I hope that hotel bed sleeps good.