Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Whewwww what a first day!

I want to thank everyone that checked out the blog on day one! I had about 50 views! 6 comments! LOL
But we are only going up from here. Today was a good married day for me. I started about being down just because life sometimes just makes you feel that way. Even this morning I was quick with the attitude towards my husband. And let me just say.... this is a website for married women to let go but I must tell you I do have a good husband. He has intergrity, truly truly loves God, his church, his children and has a real vision for his family. One thing I love about him is that he is not a fake Christian. He is the same way at church that he is at home. And when no one is around (just me and him), he still does the right thing. I admire that about him.
The children adore adore adore their daddy. The chose him over me whenever we both are in the room! LOL. He also brings the money home! Meaning when he gets paid, it's always family first. He has the spirit of a good provider. Now with all that being said............. he still does stuff that drive me up a freaking wall sometimes!!!!!!!

But today wasn't one of those days. He could tell something was going on with me on the inside this morning and asked me if I had time to pray with him. After about 45 minutes of working, I went in the living room and told him I was ready to pray. I needed that b/c he could have just said a prayer for me, or he could have just left me alone and let me have my time. But he didn't do that. Then later tonight we had another talk.... about money! WHEW! I have a couple of things I do on the side and one of them is an independant distributor of Ardyss Intl (Body Magic - Lose 2 to 3 dress sizes in 10 minutes) and we had an agreement that I would keep 50% of my profits and give the other 50% to the household. Well, he ask me tonight would I like to keep all my profit! WHAT!! 100% PROFIT IN MY POCKET! He takes care of the bills, and says I am always going over the budget and if I just use Ardyss Money as my play money than that won't happen. I can see his point. But I have alot of things going on for 2010 and that really motivated me to work even harder at my side business! But seriously, that was nice of him to do that. I did ask him what is the catch though! I said WHY? Are you about to come into some money that I can't have? He just laughed and said, "No!"

Alright ladies, I am new to this blog thing. I really hope more of you will comment and not just read. This whole thing was created for Married Women to interact! So what's going on WIFE's? (I know it should be wives, but I am trying to add my WIFE creatively in there! hahaa!) Hey what do you think about signing your names WIFE B or WIFE Julie after you post?

Well I got an email from a WIFE today who had some great suggestions and questions for us to answer! Really good topics! Remember to email questions to WIFE2010@gmail.com and if you would like to be a guest blogger for that day, email me too!

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