Wednesday, February 3, 2010

QOTD: Dealing with the in-laws; especially the ones you can't stand.

Good Morning!
I hope your night went well. Well you read the question of the day? I can stay I don't have any real problems with my inlaws.
The only problem I do have is that we don't live closer. We are in Georiga and they are in Florida. We have children and their other grandchildren are near them and they get them often. I just knew if they lived here it would be the same case. Oh yeah, the other main issue I have is that we has daughter in law and parents in law are just not close. And when me and my hubby started dating his parents lived here but moved the year we got married. I believe me and his mother were on our way to getting there but then they moved and the relationship really never flourished. I have been married to him for 6 1/2 years and have never been invited to call either one of his parent Mom or Dad. I still call them Mr. so and so... Mrs. so and so... I wish that was different.
But I have great inlaws. I really do. They love their children and will do anything for them. They love their grandchildren too.
I wish they lived closer b/c I know my hubbby misses his parents but one day.
Ok ladies............. your turn!


Anonymous said...

As well as you, I have great in-laws and they too live away from us. I have to say this can be a good thing and a bad thing. A good thing because the kids actually get a chance to miss them and a bad thing because they tend to try and spoil or overshadow us. I say this truly out of love for them because they are great grandparents. If the kids see them all the time I think they might not feel as close to them as they do. On the other hand, they tend to try and give them too much or undermind rules we have set. I know this is because THEY miss the kids but as I told them, when they do this they make it harder on the kids when they come home or are with us.

The WIFE said...

I agree with that statement. My inlaws don't try to overshadow us BUT my mom and even my own grandmother does. I know my husband doesn't like it. I don't either though.... But I am more likely to say something than he is! But because they do that, my kids want to be around them all the time. So I see your point!

Anonymous said...

My in laws live close by and they are always trying to give "advice." Not only the parents, the siblings too. That is their way of getting in our business. They mold his thoughts. It's not all their fault because I know that my husband brings some of the things to them, but it is still annoying. They put on a good game face, but I know that they talk about me behind my back. some of the people that they talked to have told me the things that they said,and what they said let me know that they things were true. It's alright sometimes, but I would recommend that your in laws live at least an hour away. That way you still have some breathing room!

a wife said...

Wow! I believe my in laws have said things too! What I am not sure, but because we are not as close as I wish it's just a strange feeling. My husband would never tell me, but it's just a feeling.

Anonymous said...

I must agree with the person that posted on 02/03 at 7:13 pm. My husbands parents are amazing, but it's his sisters I can't stand. There are three of them and the divorced and deranged elder sister is the ring leader. What does the bible say about young widowers and women whose husbands have left them (because they can only move on if their husbands leave them) I believe it says something to the effect of marry them off quick so that they don't stick their noses in other peoples business (NGV ghetto version. His sisters gossip and make up lies about me behind my back. They hate the fact that their parents love me and so do their other brothers and male relatives. The sisters have their click and whenever a new female relative comes around that likes me they make sure they poison the water. They're mad their brother didn't marry someone that they could control. If I could remove his sisters life would be wonderful, but I avoid them like the plague, not responding to their calls included. Don't wish me happy new year, when your words are with drenched with sarcasm.

Mrs. D said...

My in-laws are good. I can't complain about that. My mother-in-law can be a bit nosey though. I call her "911" because she knows everybody's business, but I don't let her get in mine! We talk and she is going through alot but she's a great woman. They don't make 'em like her anymore. They don't live too far and they don't live too close. Unlike some of you my husband only had one sibling and he passed away a couple of years ago. I was happy he didn't have any sisters! Like you B I still don't call my in-laws mom or dad...I may say father in law and with my mother-in-law I just start talking and not call her anything (LOL!) The only reason I started doing that was because one of my husbands cousins called us out one day and asked why are we still saying Mr. or Mrs.? I wanted to say mom and dad but it just didn't come day maybe..