Thursday, April 22, 2010

If I knew then what I know now! LAAWD!

Tonight at church my pastor was speaking about generational spirits and how we pick up things from our parents, as far back as 4 generations. He asked has anyone ever said, "You act just like your father, or grandfather!", when you weren't even trying too? It's like we're connected to our lineage and somethings are just in us whether good or bad. That got me to thinking.... we all have Generational things (good and bad) that we have picked up or carried over from our parents. I sat in church and wondered what did my husband pick up from his parents? What good and bad things did he pick up from his family lineage? Then WHOA, I started thinking about mine and from what I know about my mother, father, and grandparents..... I wonder if my husband (who is very spiritual) would have married me if he knew the spiritual things that may have been attached to me. So it got me to thinking, if I knew then (and him too) what I know now, would I have still got married to my spouse?

As far as my husband, I don't know his family demons or major family issues and when I am around them it really doesn't seem that they have any! His parents have been married for at least 35 years, his grandparents married 50 years before his grandmother died. Both parents are one of nine! And he is very family oriented! Both is parents had a big hands on approach and was/is very involved in his life. He grew up in the church and I can really see how that has shaped him as a man, father, husband, etc. The things I didn't know about him were very minor compared to the things he learned about me! I mean, I really didn't know he was going to expect me to SUBMIT! I mean my mom and grandmother were married but I never heard of that word before! LOL. I didn't know my husband was so nosey! It's not that I have anything to hide, it's that I am the oldest child and I have always been private about my things. And I have no problem telling you, but dag don't ask me 50 millions questions! I can't stand that!

I could go on about what he didn't know about me and vice versa, but I will let you all talk.


Misty Triplett Lewis said...

My mother raised me and my siblings in church and we all knew about generational curses and blessings. However, I always thought about my family's curses (i.e. teenage pregnancy, drug abuse, children out of wedlock, etc.) and how I didn't want to carry that into my adult life, nor the lives of my children. As I've gotten older, I acknowledge the curses, but I focus more on the generational blessings and how my husband and I can instill them in our children. From the start, I was open with my husband about my family's generational curses.

On the other hand, it took time for him to share his family's generational curses with me. Once he did and I witnessed some of them myself, it created a stronger bond in our relationship. I felt as if he could relate to some of the issues I went through. Although, our experiences weren't totally the same he still had a story to tell about his journey and I appreciate that about him. Like me, he too claims to acknowledge the curses, but focus on the blessings.

If I knew then what I know now, I would not go into my marriage with the perceived notion that just because my husband came from a two-parent household he didn't have struggles/generational curses to deal with. Thank you Lord for growth!!

Anonymous said...

If I knew then what I know now, there is no way that I would get married to my husband. There are some weird things going on that I'll probably never get any confirmation on. There are some odd relationships that make me wonder about incest or even vodoo! Also, they all have a chip on their shoulders like they are always trying to prove something. They are all loud and love to be the center of attention and on top of all of that, they will not let you get the "one up" on them! They will always find a way to "pay you back!" I definitely would walk away!