Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wife Vlog: People think my marriage is this, but it's not!

I was recently watching a clip of the new Tyler Perry Movie, Why Did I Get Married Two? And my mind went back to the first one, Why Did I Get Married? Without seeing the second one yet, but judging by the previews there is something that remains the same in both movies; that people judge your relationship and that might not be what is really going on! That can be a good or a bad thing. In the first movie, everyone thought one thing of the others relationships, but the truth was - it was nothing like what they thought. It was always something deeper going on. Now, I am not saying that they should have told it, especially the way it came out around the table like that (loved that scene by the way!). Although, when it did come out, the couples had no choice but to deal with the issues and either fix the problem which would help their relationship be stronger or move on completely from each other. It's funny because all the issues that really came out around the table weren't really even being discussed in the relationship until they were forced to deal with it.


Wife L said...

Good topic. It would be nice if all ladies participate in order to get a variety of opinions (on the topic). It seems that the conversation went off on a tangent. Also, stop looking into the camera!!! The conversation is supposed to be with the other ladies!

The Wife said...

Thank you! This is what we need - Constructive criticism! Thanks! I agree too - we went waaay off tangent, but by then time was up.

Anonymous said...

I have this issue quite often, mainly because we only put our business out to 2 very select people. We have our issues like anyone else. I feel the key here, is people only knowing what you LET them know. I actually had one of my cousins call me up a couple of months ago and tell me how jealous she is of my relationship and that I found such a great man....if she only knew all the things that go on behind the scenes! Things are not horrible or even bad in our marriage, but we do have some issues. Others feeling this way and being comfortable enough to say something only keep us on top of why we are the best for each other and not necessarily the BEST!