Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sex & the City - SHOULD you kiss and tell (your hubby)?

Saturday night was Mocha Mom night! We (The Mochas) went out to movies and then drinks! Great get-a-way for mothers by the way! The movie we went to see was Sex in the City! Afterward, we went for drinks and food and the conversations began. Everyone had their own opinion about the movie. I thought the movie was OK. Not bad, not great, just ok. I did laugh and that's a good thing. I definitely think the first one was better, but I would say if you saw the first one and was a fan of the show - you should see the second to close it out. I don't believe they should do a third installment because they would really be stretching for material.
There were alot of things I related to in the movie as a WIFE and mother (which is another reason why I liked it. Kinda wished hubby was there too!) But today we aren't talking about those topics! We are talking about the KISS! In the movie, Carrie saw her ex-boyfriend Aidan, fiance, love whatever - while she was on a girls trip to Abu Dhabi. He wanted to go to dinner with her, to catch up. She agreed because she wanted to catch up too. You could also see in his eyes that it was a part of him that never really got over her too. While they were at dinner, they both talked about their marriages, kids, present, past and future. Aidan did admit that she still looked amazing and he can't deny that. The date was over and they started to walk back to somewhere (not even sure where they were going!). But as they were walking back, they were talking about their surrounding and Abu Dhabi - then BAM!!!! Aidan stops, grabs her face and goes in. He kisses her like he really missed her! She kisses him back. They kiss for a good 30 seconds! They both kind of pull away at the same time. Then she gasp, like "Ah uh oh!!" and he gasp like, "OMG, I'm sorry! I shouldn't have done that!" And she agrees and runs away! In the movie she doesn't see him again. She is literally out of her mind over this kiss! She run and calls all the girls together and tells them what happened and wants to call BIG (the hubby) and tell him right away!

Two of her friends said they are really not sure what she should do? Samantha's character said, "Don't tell him. And if you feel you want to right now, at least sleep on it!" Carrie didn't want to have secrets - so she told him. It's so ironic because right after she told him, she said, "I should have never told him!" I am not going to go into what happened in the end of the movie - go check it out. BUT BUT BUT... if the same thing had happened to you, would you have called the hubby up and said, "Ummmm, I was having dinner with an EX and he kissed me!! It meant nothing!" Would you? Should you? Why? Would your husband tell you? Would your husband even tell you if another lady hit on him? The consensus at the table was NO. No because she didn't kiss him (even though she didn't pull away for 30 seconds), he did kiss her. And she did leave right away! She wasn't asking for it or even trying to take it there. Nothing else happened and it was obvious that nothing more was going to happen. Is it worth getting your husband upset for something you didn't start and plan to let happen again? Just asking. Sooooooooo what would you do?


New wifey! said...

I would not tell my husband PERIOD. Men can't handle that. Well some men probably could (nothing is 100%) but like The WIFE said, why start mess with your husband if nothing really happened. He kissed her, she ran away. Let it go. Because would the husband really believe she ran away? He might wonder if she liked it too! Then his mind starts going. Leave well enough alone.

Love the blog! Hope you get your show!

Wife JM said...

There are somethings that is best kept to yourself, however, there are somethings to consider here.1. It bother her that the kiss happened otherwise she wouldn't have been going out her mind about it. Was it because she still had feelings for this guy? 2. She went and told her friends about it. You shouldn't go tell folks about something that you yourself don't know if you will tell. Now she have given others power over her. At anytime one of her friends could slip and say something or could get mad and want to get back or even one of them could like her husband and want him for herself. In this cases she needs to tell her husband because they need to deal with whether or not she still have feelings for this other man and by her saying something she keeps her power from someone else saying something or trying to blackmail her about the issue.

If there was no feelings for the other guys then she shouldn't have said nothing. No sense of getting your husband worked up over something that was a onetime thing. By saying something she now opened the door for mistrust and for what a kiss that will go no further then that a kiss. Why cause stress in your marriage over something that has no future? We have to stop jumping the gun on emotions and think things through. She never stop to think how this would effect her husband.

She should have waited before saying anything to anybody. Then if it still bothered her then she should have sat her husband down and told him what happened, reinsured him that she is happy with him and asked for his help to help her understand why she still feels guilty about something that would never happen again or help her to figure out whether she still have feelings for this person. As for whether a man would tell his spouse or not, I think it would depend on the same situation. Whether he feels gulity, he told others and don't want his wife to hear about it from someone else or whether he still have feelings for the person.

In my opinion she don't have feeling for this other person but her own self values is causing her to feel guilty about what happened. Also she was shocked that he kissed her. A 30 second kiss don't really mean a thing unless it get you hot.

April said...

Yeah, I totally think this depends on the type of husband or significant other you dealing with. Now, if you have someone who has a few loose screws and he is maybe always watching you and/or accussing you of something, then, ahhh, no ma'am, you don't say a word, especially if it didnt mean anything. Now if you have a significant other like "Big" (in the movie) and you already "kind of" know how he'll respond to the news then I say go for it! But be careful becuause he can be a "Big" initially then turn into an accuser later. So, in my opinion, I think you just gotta know who you dealing with at the end of the day.

I personally dont know what I would do until in that situation, of which I hope I never am but I don't know. I've told my husband about some things that happened waaay before we were married and I honestly got the "Big" reaction but every now and then, the "crazy" dude comes out-Lol but naw, my hubbies' pretty even-keeled, just as long as it's nothing just straight "Ridiculous"!

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