Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Swizz Beatz Pays Mashonda $334K AND is Alicia Keys a homewrecker?

Two weeks ago it was reported that Swizz Beatz' ex-wife Mashonda Dean claimed her producer ex-husband owed her $325,000 in equitable distribution and $9,000 in alimony and child support. Now, according to AOL Black Voices, Beatz has paid Dean the $334,000 to avoid a going to court later this month. Beatz signed a document noting that he was going against his lawyer's recommendations by paying his ex-wife, with whom he has a son, Kaseem Dean Jr., 3.

Two weeks ago, Beatz told the NY Post, "I gave over what the judge was recommending to give. I gave Mashonda $700,000 upfront, because I thought $200,000 wasn't enough for what she wanted to do. I still get spit in my face for it." Beatz and Mashonda's divorce was finalized in early May. It has since been announced that his fiancee Alicia Keys is pregnant with the couple's first child.

"I'm super-excited," he told NY Daily News of getting engaged and expecting his third child. "People are calling me from Dubai and Japan. We haven't set a wedding date, but we will. We're just letting everything flow."

My friends and I have talked about these two quite frequently over the past couple of weeks. It's 9 of us that talk literally every single day via email. When the news hit about Alicia Keys being pregnant, the emails started up again! I think half of us thought she was a home wrecker and the other half didn't.  I don't think everyone had fully heard the story of Alicia and Swizz Beatz before hearing she was pregnant and he was still married. I, like most, only know what I read about BUT I don't think she is a home wrecker. He has been separated from his now ex-wife for a good minute now. Although, the details are kind of fuzzy about the question of when the two actually started seeing each other? Did she steal him from his ex wife? Is that even possible? Was he happy in the first place? Only they really know the answer. But I will say, how you get him will be how you lose him! (That's just a saying, but something to think about!) Also, I am more concerned about why they are getting married? Is it because she's pregnant? I am just asking!! I mean his divorce was just final and you are already engaged and having another baby!! Man!! Don't you want a break? Don't you want some breathing room? Maybe not. Maybe Alicia is his true love and he has no doubts? If he wasn't happy with his ex wife, what should he have done? Should he have stayed with her for the sake of their son? It's so many questions and not enough answers. We all have different ones, I am sure. Well, I am still a fan of her music. I kind of wish the cloud of "Homewrecker" wasn't hanging over her head during a time that should be so happy for her. In her industry, image matters. And even though, I am sure her true fans will remain....she has definitely took a hit. By the way, I love the song "Unthinkable".....the words are so true for me!


MsDior said...

Homewrecker? I think NOT! Let's be clear on what a homewrecker is, one that intentionally sets out to sabotage the marriage for their own selfish desires. In my opinion, Alicia Keys did not do that. This divorce has been lingering on for about 4 years and now it's final. Alicia and Switz's relationship, as far as I know, became public info just last year. There have been speculation in the media since 2007, but Alicia managed to keep her business on the low. I think that they handled it in the best way that people could handle a situation like this. Just know that Alicia is not the reason for the why is she the focus of the divorce, simply because she is engaged to a man that just finalized his divorce. Yall he been left the woman! I understand that he was still married (legally), but his heart had moved on and you just can't expect for his life to stop just because of legalities. My heart does go out to his ex-wife, but in reality, a divorce(breakup) does not happen overnight and surely not behind one woman! I partially agree with the saying, how you get him will be how you lose him, so if you got him the right way you have nothing to worry about, right? This is not always true, you could have done things the right way, but you surely do not control the actions of another person, so anything could happen. Alicia, because she is a celebrity, will be under scrutiny for a while behind this mess, but I say "GET OVER IT ALREADY"! Her song Karma says it all, so if she was careless in her decision making....what goes around surely comes around....I'm just sayin! If this is meant to be, I congratulate them on new beginnings!

Wife E said...

I myself, can't say nor deny Alicia is a homewrecker. We know that there is always different sides to the story. We know for one the industry they are in- they wear underwear longer than they can have a loving relationship/marruage. As the previous comment stated they were having problems for 4 years. Question, how can you try to fix your marriage when something/someone keeps being in the place? Not putting any blame on Alicia just asking. Also if you have something good up in your face everyday and as the post again said his heart was gone, It's very difficult to work on your marriage. One minute his/she is like yeah, we are going to try and then you see something you like, the next you saying forget this. It's a difficult situation. Saw a copy of Swizz and Mashonda's twitter (don't say nothing you don't want anybody to see). Looks like Swizz is pumping Alicia's album and Mashonda is saying the separation came after the affair. Take a look at it:

It's just a sad situation all around.

I'm sure some men are thinking WTM,SWIZZ BEATZ!!!!!come on Alicia. what's up! I have to admit I'm thinking WTM!!!

V.E.L.A. Beauty said...

According to the reports, Swizz and Mashoda were in the process of rebuilding their marriage and getting Mashoda's career off the ground. When Mashoda wrote Alicia that letter asking her why she continued to interfere while they were working on things, Alicia ignored her. I believe that regardless of her intentions, Alicia is a homewrecker. If you date a married man, regardless of the so-called "technicality" of being separated (you're still married!), you're coming in between a marriage. A homewrecker is someone who comes between a marriage regardless of intent. You can be a homewrecker and not know the other party is married. Just because she may not have meant for a certain side-effect to occur does not exempt her from being guilty of the act itself. Nevertheless, this is a sad situation. The more that men and women begin to pacify things like this, the more common this mess will be. My church started a Men's Monday in order to teach men HOW to stay and to be men and why we have ministries and people dedicated to teaching women the same. More of this is needed because even in the church people still mistake wrong for right(and it is costing people greatly).

Swizz moving so quickly into another marriage is not wise on his part either. What's done is done and what it is already is. They both are wrong, and it is not right to say that the marriage failing is Mashoda's fault. Simply because of the evidence that is already out there (and has been for about 3 or so years now), the blame rests upon on all three and more so on Swizz and Alicia. The Bible says in Malachi that if a man wants to see his blessing then he will be careful about how he treats his wife and children.

Mr. Man said...

I think this situation will be just another headline by next month. People like drama especially when it includes stars. We only get part of the story when we get it from the media. The book of Luke 11:21-22 21When a strong man armed keepeth his palace, his goods are in peace: 22But when a stronger than he shall come upon him, and overcome him, he taketh from him all his armour wherein he trusted, and divideth his spoils. So it goes back to the basic foundation of a marriage. If Godly principles are in play, then no one should be able to wreck it. But if the man/woman has a weakness that they allow the enemy to capitalize on he will. If a man is seeing another woman then the marriage is already wrecked. I think with the kind of money these celebrities make these marriages can be handled a lot better and quieter. Their relationship may be completely innocent but due to the way it comes out to us through the media it looks bad. The most important thing is the innocent kids involved. I hope that on both sides that the kids are treated with respect and not become a weapon against either parent. Only God truly know what happen & why the marriage didn’t work. We all know in most cases the one telling the story is going to be the one that looks the best.
Mr. Man
P.S. With out having all the information it's hard to place blame on any one. But I’m sure they both have done things wrong. So it's really no need in playing the blame game. Let's just hope that they both have learnt a lesson so as not to repeat it again. Bottom line when it comes to divorce there is no winners.

Ndona said...

As someone who has met Swizz and heard only him speak publicly about his relationship on numerous occasions both negative and positive it is hard to say. From what he stated on Angie Martinez's (radio host of Hot 97 NY)show he was tired of her blowing up his phone, making accusations and worrying more about whether he was cheating; when he wasn't, than working on her own career and being productive. As a woman I can at times understand "wanting" to question your husband, but at the same time understand a man not wanting to treated like a child and not trusted. Did she wreck their home? In my opinion, no. A house that is built on a shaky foundation will eventually fall. If the wind blows and knowks it over are you going to blame the wind? Or will you blame the architect? We are all adults and all have free will. They (Mashonda, Swizzie and Alicia) know what's up. Do I blame her? no. If I were Mashonda would I be a bit bitter? maybe. There are children involved that did not ask to come here, so all I would want is for them to think about what is said and done for the sake of their children.

Teresa said...

I don't know the whole story! but if he was married & still living w/ his wife. Then yes! But if they have been living in 2 different houses and agreed to do so. Then no! But God is in my house & I know I have no Drama!

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