Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Have you ever made your hubby Hamburger helper?

My husband got mad at me today! Not mad enough that he didn't eat, but mad enough that he made a comment about what was for dinner tonight! I made Hamburger Helper. Its funny because growing up, my mom never made HH and I have only actually had it once or twice in college when a roommate (shout out to Tosha) cooked it. I have never made it before today. But last week I was in Kroger and was down that isle and saw it. I stopped and read the box and thought, "hmmmm this might be something the kids would like with ground turkey!" So I bought it.

Today, I was looking for something quick to make because I had to go to Mime rehearsal (dance ministry). I open the pantry and the HH said, "Cook me today!" So I did. I did make steamed peas and carrots to go with it. My husband came in the kitchen and said, "Babe, are you serious? Not Hamburger Helper!" I didn't see anything wrong with it. He start walking around the house complaining, then coming back in the kitchen complaining! I got upset, "Like, look! Do you want to cook? Because you know you can?" My husband cooks when we grill out or we or having guest and the meal needs his throw down touch . Other than that I am the cook! By all means I don't mind if he touches the cookware everynow and again. I just hate when he complains or tells me what to add or not to add when he is not at least cooking with me! I told him, I don't need a kitchen manager!

So he starts fixing his plate as I am getting ready to leave. My son is fine with it by the way. So I go back in the kitchen to look at his plate. He gave my 5 year old son more than himself! My hubby has 2 tablespoons of HH! I shook my head and walked out. He said, "I'm a grown man! Ask the people on your blog if they feed their man HH!?" I said, "I will!" And I left.
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Mr. Man. said...

I have always lived by the philosophy if you don’t like what is being cooked than you cook something yourself. It is not easy to make up a menu every day. If you have been working all day that is the last thing you want to think about. . I remember that my mom would sometimes cook us one thing and something else for dad. I thought it was kind of unfair, but that was the way she was raised. On the other hand my dad was the only one working and it was thirteen kids all together. But I never heard him complain about what she cooked. So I do not see a problem with HH. There are some women that don’t cook at all. Yes it would not be a meal that I would want every day. The good thing is that I can cook and enjoy cooking so instead of complaining I would help out. To be honest I have suggested quick meals so that we can both relax and just chill together. This is just my opinion. But if you are a stay at home mom raising the kids that in itself is a full time 24/7 job. So you need the break and should have dinner cooked for you. If you are a mom that works then you have 2 jobs and still deserve to have dinner cooked for you some times.

Arnice said...

I have cooked hamburger helper for my family and my husband has cooked hamburger helper also. As the previous poster said, it's not something we ate everyday and we don't eat it now because our youngest child has allergies. So now we make up our own. I have to agree that if my spouse doesn't like what's being cooked, then he can make something else or help with menu planning. Life is extremely busy these days, so I think cutting corners is beneficial at times.

Lotta said...

I wish Wes would!! But he has!! LOL!! He has been like "Boo, I don't want that!!" And I would say Well that's too bad...make yourself something else!!" And he would do 1 of 2 things. 1: Eat what I made or 2: Cook himself something else. I have made HH for my FAM before. They actually like it.... "I" on the other hand to don't...that's Y...it has NOT been on the FAM Menu!! LOL!! I tell my hubby all the time..."Boy If u don't get outta this kitchen bothering me!!" BUT my FAM know NOT ALLOWED in MY Kitchen while I am cooking IF they are NOT helping. :-)