Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What is a good age to let your son start going into the men's room - alone?

I ask this question because I have a 5 year old son and he still goes into the bathroom with me when we are out at restaurants, church or just public places. Of course if my husband is with us, he goes with daddy but when I take him - it's automatic he is coming into the bathroom with me. At church a couple of times, I let him go into the men's restroom but I looked inside first to make sure it was empty. Recently we went to the Center of Puppetry Arts and my son had to use it but my daughter wouldn't let go of daddy so I had to take my son. The ladies line was very long and there was no line for the men's room. I let him go in there but I couldn't go in first because it was a public bathroom. My son ran in before I could say, "WAIT!" I noticed it was a man in there (I could see him in the mirror) so I keep yelling every five seconds, "Are you ok? Hello! Are you ok? Come on!" I am sure the other men were like, "Come on lady!" But it's my son and he's only 5.

I know it's going to come a time when women aren't going to feel comfortable with a little boy in the ladies room anymore and maybe it will come a time when my son won't feel comfortable. He's already started mentioning to me he is supposed to go into the 'boys' room. I am just not ready to just let him go by himself because people are CRA-ZEY and I want to protect my son. So what's a good age? 7, 8, 9? What?


lanyea said...
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lanyea said...

It all depends on the Child. Normally i would see signs that tell you if your child is over 4 yrs old he must use the appropriate bathroom, however i Feel when he realizes that "hey" i am in the womens bathroom and he wants to use the men is when you should start letting him go by himself.... but EVEN THEN if your uncomfortable you should stand right by the mens bathroom and wait. My son is 4 and he still uses the bathroom with me ( i dont Care ) but sometimes he does want to use the mens bathroom and i stand my self right in the entry way.... and peek in if i have to. lol

Lotta said...

OK!! I was just thinking about this--this past weekend. I had both my son and daughter with me--were out shopping...hubby not there. So, my son had to go to the bathroom. My friend was taking her little girl and asked if he had to go, he said yes, then she asked me, does he go to the bathroom by himself, I was like HECKY NAW!! U crazy!! Nobody doing nothing to my baby!! LOL!! My son is eight,and I know he is getting older and he can do alot of things for himself...BUT I don't trust the public. I am sorry but that's the sad truth. Too many times I see things on TV when the parents left their children alone for five minutes and something happened. So until I feel he is old enough and I am comfortable I will still take my 8 year old son in the Women's restroom IF my husband is not with us. :-)

RyansWifey said...

Lotta: I have an 8 year old that still goes with me too. But recently I've gotten a few strange looks. So sometimes I let him go in the mens room, but I stand outside the WHOLE time hollering in every 40 seconds. Lol.
As for my 4 year old... I could never let him go in the mens room alone. Either he would end up playing in the toilet or burning the place down. Lol.