Monday, October 4, 2010

My take on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Premiere tonight on Bravo!

Good Evening/Morning ladies!

Did you all see the RHOA! OMG! I will be blogging weekly about it if you want to revisit this site next week and every week! Also, if you subscribe above to all comments and then leave a comment you will be notified (like Facebook) when someone comments so you can see what they said!

Ok. Let's dig in! The show started with Shree acting! She said she put SHE by Sheeree on hold to act! Ummm Ok, if you say so! She said she can see herself getting an Oscar one day! She might. I do believe in positive thinking. Nene starts her scene off talking about Kim being bi-sexual in an article she saw in a magazine. Kim makes her scene debut in a White Bentley! Kim's hair was looking the best it's ever looked I must say. She visited Nene in her new home, but why are they dressed like they are doing a magazine shoot just to meet at Nene's house and chit chat?!

Kim admitted that she is Bi-sexual and never had a connection before with another woman until now. Nene stated that Greg hasn't been bringing in money like he used to because of the Real Estate market and he spends alot of time around the house now. The dynamics of the house has changed since she is now making more money now (because of BRAVO!). Kim dropped a bomb on Nene - she told her that Dwight said he loaned Greg $10,000 because Greg asked and was low on cash! Nene said of course she didn't know that and didn't appreciate Dwight putting her business out there like that. She then went in on Dwight, talking about "If he had $10,000 he would have gotten his nose fixed!"

Kandi made her entrance talking about her new beau and how she met him. She said he flew down there to meet her! WHAT! Wendy Williams said he looked like a opportunist and might just want to be on TV. Mediatakout also reported he still currently lives with his girlfriend who just had his baby. So, time will tell. And I love love love Kandi, she's my favorite even though she is isn't married but I want her to try some different hairstyles. They showed some scenes with Kandi and her new boo. My first impression is a nice one but she surprised him when she said she didn't want to have sex until December! So he said, "Does that mean oral?" SMDH!

Phaedra is a new housewife this season. She is from Athens, Georgia. She is also an entertainment lawyer. And seems like she really has the housewife money we expected ALL the real housewives to have BEFORE they started the show! And she shared that she knew Nene growing up and Nene wasn't viewed as very lady like.

Greg (Nene's husband) said he never asked Dwight for the money ($10,000). He did say they went in on an investment of $500 a piece and the deal fell through! That is a big difference. Nene just talks to him any kind of way! I mean it's one thing when camera's aren't around but Geesh! I felt bad for him - alittle bit. She also said she is not in love with Greg anymore! She is really putting it out there. Also, Dwight said he put $30,000 into Sheree's fashion show - which she denies! Nene and the housewives were at a very nice event and she saw Dwight and went off! Amazing - but not in a good way. It really made me feel like it was for the cameras because in real life would you really act like that! Really? She had her hands in his face, yelling, breathing on him. Good for TV but not a good look.

In conclusion, I don't know, maybe it's just me but this season they seem more like they are acting or trying to act in front of the camera. It's like they know they are kinda famous and it comes across on camera. It seems like they mentioned a few times that they hadn't seen each other UNTIL taping started. So are you all acting like you are cool for the camera and really don't talk to each other until taping? To me the show doesn't need the new model chick (maybe because she wasn't on this episode!) They are fine with the everyone else. They have enough drama already. It looks like this season will be much of the last two seasons - DRAMA! And it seems like we will be there to watch!

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