Monday, November 22, 2010

The REAL DEAL on Phaedra Parks (Real Housewives of Atlanta) Recap

Since Phaedra Parks appeared on the show, it has been a question about her due date. At first, I wondered why the other women were so obsessed in her due date were. But the more they asked, they more Phaedra contradicted herself. First she was 5 months, then 7 months, and then the baby was ready because he was 7 pounds and the doctors were going to take him out!

I had to agree with Kim, and say that I do not think any doctor is going to deliver a baby via C-section at 7 months because he is a good weight! The lungs aren't even developed! The funny this is that Phaedra thought the ladies would actually believe her and they are all mothers! Nene had a good point; any first time mom knows exactly how many weeks she is, when she is due and when she got pregnant! It amazed me that they jumped to the conclusion that her husband wasn't the baby's father! I have a group of friends that email me daily and we started to discuss this. Many of my friends thought that he might not be the father either. Not me. I thought back to the episode where she mentioned she was a southern bell and her family was very religious and immediately thought, she might have gotten pregnant before she got married and didn't want her parents to know. Well that changed on the delivery date!

In the delivery room Kandi came to visit and actually asked the doctor how far along Phaedra Parks was. He officially confirmed that she is 40 weeks! For all those out there that do not know what 40 weeks is - it's a FULL TERM BABY! She was 10 months and ready to deliver! You should have seen her mother’s face when the doctor said that. She didn't say anything but you could tell she wasn't happy and quickly put 2 and 2 together! You see Phaedra's mom is a Pastor and Phaedra made a statement, "You can't talk to her about nothing!" That kind of made me sad. Sometimes can you be so religious that your own children, grown children, married children can't be honest with you.

The sad thing is Phaedra tried for the remainder of her pregnancy on the show to conceal how far along she really was mainly because she got pregnant before she got married. Phaedra's mom mentioned that you cannot have a baby before marriage in her family! So it left us (my friends and I) wondering, did she get married because she was pregnant or were they already engaged/in love and going to marry anyway. I think that is a lot of pressure. I think what Phaedra did really make her look bad on TV. On facebook, so many statuses commented on her being a lawyer and that is why she is shady! She is a lawyer but didn't represent herself well because everyone knew in their gut something just wasn't right. And because the Real Housewives of Atlanta is half way real and half way fake (yep! I said it!), they don't even tape every day - she could have told her casemates off camera what the deal was and ask them to let that subject be off limits but instead she tried to play on their intelligence and she came off as a lying lawyer who people who feel leery about giving their business too. Not to mention the fact she is over the top! Did you all see that baby shower?!?!?!? One last thing, I can't believe she made the comment when they showed her the delivery room after she looked out the window, "They put me in the projects!" WHAT! Girl, please. The cast mates had said in interviews that Phaedra acts totally different off camera. She needs to probably bring her off camera realness on camera. It is the REAL housewives of Atlanta.


Anonymous said...

It is funny the things we do in order to make others so happy. So many times, couples get married because they got pregnant FIRST. Then when tehy get married, sometimes, the love is not there because it was lust that got them to that point. Then when all hell breaks loose in their marriage, the truth comes out that they were never in love...but, lust. It is sad that Phaedra could not tell her mom the truth but it still ended up in all lies. The truth will one day come and out, especially with a pregnancy. DUH!!!

WifeQ said...

I know I am late!!! I thought the same thing Wife. I feel as though she married just because she was pregnant, and her religious background. Also the connection, and interaction between her and Apollo is weird to me, it seems like she is just dealing with him because she got pregnant, and he is dealing with her bc maybe she offered him a great deal! LOL! Think back to the episode when the ministers came over for dinner, I guess this was some sort of marriage conseling or something, but that was weird to me, and they both made the comment "Well maybe when the baby comes..." I was like what the heck, if you dont like him now, and yall have problems now, surely the baby is not going to change anything. I think they just weird!!! She just seems not in tune at all with this baby thing, and i think its bc she is just doing it for the sake of her mom, and religious beliefs! Who says EWWWWWW when they first see their baby? Craziness! Not sure why she had this baby, but she should of thought twice!

B said...

You made some good points Wife Q! Good points! Who says Ewwwww! We all know what a baby looks like when they come out, but as a mom you are still excited to see your baby! You are more worried that they baby is ok than the gunk on him! She is just trying to hard for TV. I bet you $100 that next season she will tone it down!