Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Woman's Perspective: For Colored Girls Movie Review (comments welcome)

I went to see For Colored Girls this past Friday with one of my BFF's around lunch time. We were both given charms as we walked into the theatre and were asked to wear them until the string breaks. When the string breaks, your dream is supposed to come true. Great marketing but it also made us anticipate an excitement about what this movie was about to deliver into our being.

I hear on Facebook that this is Tyler Perry's best movie ever. I will say, you can not compare it to the Madea chain at all. So if you compare it to The Family that Preys, yes it's the best. But that is what you are supposed to do - get better each time, so I am extremely proud of his continual growth before our very eyes.
Now! Let's dig in. I have never seen the play or read this book, so I only have the movie to go on. It was a really good movie and I enjoyed it. It's funny because it's parts of the movie that the women break into monologues, and you're either going to say, "Oooh, they are deep!" or "What in the world are they saying?" I believe,  I liked Loretta Devine's monologue the best.

Besides the fact that the title is For Color Girls, based on the play/book - to me, the movie isn't color specific. Women of all races can go through these same issues. Not Only Colored Women marry a man on the down low, Not Only Colored Women can have their man lose their mind after they come back from a war, Not Only Colored Women have a husband that beats them and they still stay, Not Only Colored Women were molested and act out with promiscuity, Not Only Colored Women get pregnant at 17 and have to decide between life and abortion, Not Only Colored Women let a man keep coming back again and again hoping each time it will be different. Not Only Colored Women get date raped when it wasn't their fault. Not Only Colored Women reach a level of success that they forget where they come from. Not Only Colored Women get HIV from someone they love. NOT ONLY COLORED WOMEN, but we probably handle it different.

Decisions, decisions, decisions. This movie is all about decisions. The male perspective talked about how men treat us and maybe they should be taught a different way, well from my perspective the women GAVE THEIR POWER AWAY! Too many times women give their power away to a man and it ruins us! We give our power away because of fear of being alone, losing him, or whatever.....Sometimes, women don't even realize they even have power. Remember men want what we have and you should never just give it away. I was not a specific women in this movie. If I would have been a character, I would have been in addition to the cast. Although, I did see myself mostly in Kerry Washington's character. I say that because, sometime I see wrong or know what I should do but being consumed in my own world - you miss an opportunity to help who you should have been helping all along. This movie made me think of choices I have made in my past and how I have had to deal with some regrets. It also showed me that I am blessed beyond measure because for some of the women in the movie - their choices ROCKED THEIR WORLD into a new world!

In my conclusion, the common theme in this movie is women being hurt by A MAN! I didn't even realized that until I left the theatre. That only makes me go back to knowing you hold a POWER that you should take advantage of more often and stop bending and breaking for these men! That doesn't mean be disrespectful to them or talk down to them or treat them crazy - but it means know WHO YOU ARE WITHOUT THEM and don't settle for mess. Have a standard for yourself and keep it. You may save yourself unwanted tears.


Tosha Devon said...

This movie was GREAT...I have to give Tyler Perry a standing ovation for it!! I was literally in AWE!!! I can appreciate a monologue and I anticipated it. Loretta Devine's "Stuff" monologue was simply AMAZING...because as WOMEN we do tend to give up our, bodies, self-respect and etc. to men without a second thought! This movie has given me great insight and was very thought provoking. Once again Thanks Tyler Perry and thanks B for the blog!! Great Job!!!

Wife L said...

I haven't seen the movie, but the play was great. I agree with you B and the Male perspective. I think that couple and singles alike need to see this. Maybe it'll make some realize what they are doing and also give ppl the courage to STOP what they are doing or allowing to happen to them. I am looking forward to seeing it soon!