Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Males GREAT Perspective: For Colored Girls Movie Review

The following REVIEW is written by a faithful male follower of this blog. He wrote me about the movie and I asked him to write what he felt, and I truly enjoyed his perspective of this movie. Enjoy (and comment!)
So Tyler Perry did it again. But this time he let the world see a side of men that is normally taboo. It’s an unspoken rule that some secrets we (men) don’t tell anyone. Is it a good rule no but never the less it’s a taught rule. This movie showed how men think. If a woman let you come back after you have left her for some one else. That doesn’t mean that she overlooks what happen. That mean she is fighting against all she knows in order to hold on to the hope that this time it will work. Or just because a woman dresses sexy doesn’t mean she want sex. This movie really put a spotlight on how men treat women bad and think a little kiss & I’m sorry should erase all the pain. Men are taught that if you send roses it will be alright. Or a good night of lovemaking will cover a world of pain. The truth is that society has taught women that if they give the most precious thing that they have to you it will hopefully let you know how much they love you. I don’t want to spoil this movie so I can’t hit all the points I want to. After it has been out for a while then I can say more. I left the movie with a different outlook on a lot of things. I think men need to start raising their sons to be good fathers and or husbands. We have to stop raising them to be hunters. Teach them what abuse is and its effect. We hear a lot about physical abuse, but very little on emotional or verbal abuse. This movie exposes both. And one more point and it’s the most important. It shows how a woman has the ability to see without looking. How they can do every day things, while covering hours of pain with a smile. So maybe we need a new label for these women. Maybe downlow women, the live seemingly happy and satisfied when really down low in their souls they are scared, sad, angry and looking for a way out. This is just my opinion. Watch the movie and give yours. MR. MAN.

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