Monday, February 14, 2011

All good business women need a Pre-nuptial agreement!

The title of today's blog was a comment that was given by the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Phadrea. Phadrea is a well known attorney in the Atlanta area and commented that she has a pre-nup and all good business women should. Cynthia (another castmate) who recently got married on the show also has one.

Do you feel its necessary to get a pre-nuptial agreement in 2011. Personally, I do. Especially if you are a celebrity or very wealthy. I say that because for some reason celebrity marriages have a 2-5 year shelf life no matter how much in love the couple starts out to be. And a good friend made a great comment, "I would not want to sell inherited land just to pay you half!" If you get divorced, what was acquired during the marriage should definitely be split, but if I had it before the marriage (money, land, assets) I wouldn't want to just give that over freely if we didn't work out.

Do I have a pre-nup? Ummm, no. It really didn't cross my mind because at the time I was young and didn't have really major assets. I did have a rental property but my soon to be husband was a realtor so I knew we would acquire more properties together. Honestly, when we got married, we didn't have much to get a pre-nup for!! So if the unthinkable ever does happen, I am going for half to be fair because we would have built this empire together. But, I am really not trying to get divorced.

One last thing, I do not believe getting a pre-nuptial agreement is saying you are expecting your marriage to fail. I believe its saying that in a society where 50% or more of marriages now end in divorce - you are protecting yourself against the odds. Just my thoughts, feel free to share your own.
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ToshaDevon said...

I vote yes to the pre-nup...I don't think it means that you are going in thinking you are gonna get a's to protect what you had BEFORE the marriage...I wouldn't want to have to sell land that I inherited so that he could get half...but I believe that anything acquired during the marriage should be split equally...but what you had BEFORE you got married is yours...that's just my opinion though

Lotta said...

Ok...I think you should have a pre-nup----I think should marry for
love BUT let's be realistic here....ppl who didn't have any more
BEFORE the marriage shouldn't wind up taking all the other person's
money...I don't think that is fair....NOW I don't think the other
party should walk away empty handed but some of these ppl DO marry for
MONEY and 'pretend' it's love...just to get over..... AND WHEN YOU Get
Divorce you have to divide up the assets... ppl will say they contributed and they desire
to split up the assets that was acquired in the marriage. I think If u have money you should protect always have to be's a shame but its true. Also a pre nup is there to protect the party with the money--
let's face it some ppl are very bitter when a marriage doesn't work
out...mainly 'women' and they want the MAN to pay by hitting his
pockets...but that doesn't really reflect the pain they

Trina said...

Well a part of me feels that when signing a pre-nup ur saying that u r not
expecting the marriage to last. Just my opinion. But another part of me feels if I had all this money and assets that I needed to protect, like land and stuff that I inherited, I would feel the need to protect that. I'm in the middle.