Monday, March 7, 2011

PoLateaz Atlanta

I had an opportunity to go to PoLateaz Atlanta this weekend and had a blast. I had heard so many cool things about this place and was excited to see what all the hype was about. PoleLaTeaz is Atlanta's premier studio for pole dance classes, exotic dance classes, lap dance classes, striptease workshops and sensual dance! It's a workout you won't forget.

The mission of PoleLaTeaz is to offer women of all ages a unique form of exercise dedicated to strengthening and toning their bodies while unleashing their inner goddess in a safe, fun and encouraging environment. Our instructor was so friendly, down to earth and definitely knew what she was doing. Unfortunately we didn't learn anything dealing with the pole that night. We learned a sensual lollipop chair dance and it was a blast!

At PoleLaTeaz you can have birthday parties, girls night out or take classes for your own reasons. It was my first time there and may be planning another girls night out real soon.

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ToshaDevon said...

Been there and can't wait to go's great!!!

tangie said...

We need definitely plan a girls night. Had a lil to much fun. I did the routine for my hubby and he laughed, b/c he said I was holding back. Can't let all the goodies out at once. But it was a lot fun and worth the sweat.

"B" said...

I did the routine too Tangie! I think I was holding back because I was trying to remember the routine versus just flowing! LOL! But we must go back and learn something new!