Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Vision Board

Do you have one? I heard about doing a vision board years ago when the book The Secret came out. I never read the book but recently watch the 1 hour video. The Secret is basically about the power of positive thinking and has so many bible principles in the movie, I can imagine what the book says. So many people say "Write your goals!" Well, I decided to do a vision board so I can see my goals daily in my face.

What is your vision for your life? I am not sure how clearly you can see my board but I have tried to cover all my bases. In the top center it says, that "It's all about being Happily Married!" I do not want a divorce but I want my marriage to get better with time. I want our best days to always be in front of us. In the center, I have a picture of my children and visions I have for them. Visions of success, multiple languages, meeting their soulmates, involved in their community, never struggle and more.
I have a section where it talks about my businesses being successful. A section about me losing this last 10 pounds! On the left side its all about dreams. I envision myself on the cover of magazines, meeting Oprah, the President and First Lady (The Obama's), the cast of the game (hey! This is my vision), and more. I envision my own tv show and actually co-hosting The View! Monthly spas treatment and family vacations at least 3 times a year. I have my spiritual visions as well. I want to be holy and righteous in the sight of my Lord. That means continuing to live with integrity and really try to always do the right thing.

I have visions on this board for my husband and his business. My family as well. I want our relationship to be closer. So I have just about thought about everything and what I missed, I will put it on the board when it comes to mind.

I challenge you to do a vision board or just write your goals down. Again what is your vision for your life? Happy dreaming, happy planning.
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Anonymous said...

Awesome Ms.B. You are sooo inspiring. Always thinking of the next multi-million dollar project. I pray that all of your dreams and visions soon become a reality and that God literally blows your mind!!! You and "lil' Willie" are the best!!


Anonymous said...

I love this question. My dad introduced my sisters and I to The Secret in 2006. I have since read the book and viewed the DVD several times, inspired by both. I keep track of my goals by creating a list titled, "What I Have". I learned this concept from The Secret. It is a list of 13 items (thirteen is my favorite number) that I want in my life. Since writing them four years ago, I realize I now have many of those things and the others I am in the process of achieving. To attain the things on my list, I create a yearly Task List of things I want to accomplish annually. I create quaterly, monthly and daily task lists from the annual lists and that's how I get my goals accomplished! This system really works and it helps me to only spend my energy on what it is important to me, which are the items on my "What I Have" list. The last time I did a vision board was in my senior year at Clark Atlanta University. Ironically, I look around me and I have everything that was on that vision board. God is good! And I have learned that visions work whether they are read or seen. Either way, they must be visited often if not daily. One last thought: I recently learned that my favorite entertainer Michael Jackson once wrote down a peice of paper that his upcoming album Thriller would be the biggest selling album of all time. He put this peice of paper on his mirror and read it everyday. We all know the rest...Great topic Bernetta!!

Passion Darby

Bernetta said...

Thanks Passion! That was motivating just reading what you wrote! I like your list "What I have" BUT my favorite number is 2, so I need to pick a bigger number! LOL.

Thanks for your comment!