Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jumping the Broom was so good! #tome

Did you go see it? My husband and I along with another couple went on a date night to see this movie. Was it worth it? Yes it was! I absolutely enjoyed this movie and to my surprise, so did my hubby! It was a good wholesome movie. The storyline was so unexpected. You think you know what's going to happen, but you have no idea. I am really trying to write this without giving it away. #itshard

Angela Bassett and Loretta Divine did great as playing mothers and at times, you want to smack them both! Mike Epps played a pivotal role in this movie. Not only was the voice of reason but I have never seen him more serious in a film. He still had funny punchlines which were delivered with great timing too! My favorite actor, well not my favorite actor but he is my Denzel Washington, Pooch Hall of The Game did a good job too. I wonder why my heart started beating faster when his first scene came on!

I will say that the chemistry between the two lead characters (Alonzo & Patton) could definitely be felt. I would feel very nervous if I were their real life partners because when these two kissed, it made you (or me) want to start kissing! It felt like it was real. Like they were really in love! This movie was refreshing and I immediately recommended to all my friends. It's a good girls night out or couples night out! Just go support and enjoy!

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Kimmy said...

We obviously didn't see the same film. The two leads had zero chemistry whatsoever. Their kisses were mad uncomfortable. Meagan and Gary had the most believable romantic chemistry in the film.