Thursday, May 5, 2011

The W.I.F.E on The View giving tips!

Hello everyone! Well I made it to ABC, LOL!!!! Well kind of. I was on The View today. This is one of my favorite shows outside of The Game, Oprah & Gossip Girl (yes, I love Chuck Bass and Dan!!). I entered a contest given by The View a few weeks back. You were supposed to send in a 30 second clip Mom's Tip video that helps you cut corners on certain things. The winner would win a trip to New York to share her tip. Well, I didn't win but I received a call last week that said they (The View) really liked my video and wanted to share it on their show! I was so excited as you could imagine. I said, "Of course you can!" I had to sign a release and wha-laaa! They showed my clip today. I hope you enjoy the clip and the tip.

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Wife L said...

This is so great Bernetta!!!! Keep up the good work!