Friday, July 1, 2011

I completed my first week of INSANITY! (The Workout)

I completed my first week of this Insanity workout. I completed 6 days in a row! And what a workout it is. I have been getting up at 6am every morning to go in my basement and workout before the rest of the house gets up. It’s funny because my children get up after I finish and they always ask me, “Mommy, were you working out?” They know that mommy and daddy do work out. They even join in and hang as long as they can.

After the first week, I do notice a small difference. I know my stomach is down a little bit. I will take it! One week down, 7 weeks to go. I notice on day 6, I was able to stay in the workout longer than day 1 and day 2. So on day 50 and 60, I can’t wait to see how I am performing. I will say I want a knee brace though. I just want to protect my leg, because I feel something in my left knee when I work out. I also feel good throughout the day! I usually workout in the evening and getting up early is new for me. I think I like it though. The downside is I get sleepy earlier. Before I started working out, I would stay up to 1am with no problem. Now, I am getting sleepy at 10pm! It’s very weird. It also makes me make better food choices during the day. I feel like, “Hey I worked out today! I don’t want to mess any of this up!”

Insanity is INSANE. You work every part of your body without weights! And you start sweating during the warm up! I like that he yells in the camera, “You can do it!” I need that sometimes. I like when he also says, “Take a break when you need it!” and “Never compromise form for speed!” If you do this program, you will need a break unless you are superman. Just get back up and get back in it. When I do this work out, I just concentrate on the finished product. I see myself TONED!

So, one week down. 7 weeks to go. August 26th BABY!!!!!!!!!

I will say my husband is doing this as well. We are just on different schedules. He works out at night and is one week ahead of me. I told him that we can be each others arm candy.

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