Wednesday, June 29, 2011

To have or NOT to have your child a BIRTHDAY PARTY?

That is the dilemma I am facing this year. I have two wonderful children and they have been having a party every year since birth! I love giving them parties and I am sure they enjoy it, but it gets tiring and it gets expensive. My son will be 6 this year and my daughter will be 4. My and husband and I have agreed from now on, we will do parties every other year. And this year will be the year of NO parties. What we are doing is allowing our children to pick 4-5 friends and we will take them out and spend the day.

My son is actually a 4th of July baby. This year we are letting him choose his friends and his activity for this coming Saturday. He wants to go see Cars 2, lunch and bowling! I am definitely doing lunch and the movies but bowling might be ruled out. Once I add up all the kids for movies and lunch, that’s enough. If I add bowling, I feel I might as well have had a party! We are doing this to save money. But I don’t know, I will see how the day flows.

What about you? Do you give your children a party every year? I think if you want to and have the means to do it, by all means – have a party. If you want to take a break from the many kids running around and do something just as impactful for their special day – do that as an option. Whether you give your kids a party or not, they just want to have a blast for their birthday.

I do have a question. For parities where you let him invite 4 or 5 friends, should you choose the friends or let him choose? I let him choose his party crew. He knows best who he feels he will have a blast with.


Ros said...

My boys are 5 and 6. For the first few years, we did parties each year for both. Then it got to be expensive. The oldest has a summer birthday, so his friends from school aren't always around. The younger one I can get by for less with cupcakes and some fanfare at school. We were going to skip a year because they started expecting parties (and gifts) and we want them to be grateful. But when I got pregnant last year, we knew there'd be a big deal made about the new baby so we did parties for them. This year, no party. We have some family in the area so we'll just round up the cousins and do something simple.

Southern Wifey said...

I do not believe it is necessary to have a birthday party every year. I would recommend going the extra mile for your child/children on the milestone ages like age 1, 5, 10, 13, and 16. All the other birthdays can be low key. Low key birthdays are fine with just your family and no friends... our children need to value special time with family as well not always with friends. I would of course explain to the children on which ages they will have a SPECIAL BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION. If you say party you will be boxed in. Celebration can be anything your family or child wants within reason of course.

Bernetta (Wife) said...

Thank you so much for your comments! You made very good points. I especially like the word "Celebration!"