Saturday, December 3, 2011

I visited Sweet Aurburn Bread Company!

Have you ever been to Atlanta? Have you ever been on the historic Auburn Ave? Have you ever been to the Sweet Auburn Bread Company? Well if you haven't, you need to. Earlier this week, I was able to visit this great bakery in the heart of Atlanta. It is owned and operated by Chef Sonya (pictured on the left) for the past 15 years this upcoming January. I was given a great opportunity to interview her for my show (more details to come about that show later) and learned that she met the President of the United States, Bill Clinton. She even served him her original Sweet Potato Cheesecake. After President Clinton gave it two thumbs up, that dessert quickly became her signature item. People from all over the country request in her words, "What the President had!"   
Of course I was curious, so I asked can I have a taste? Honestly, I am not a huge fan of sweet potato's. I am actually trying to start eating them more because I know they are good for you. Because of that, I was kind of nervous to taste it because I was praying I would like it. Well, she offered a slice and I grabbed the fork and said a little prayer, "Please let this be good!". Annnnnnnd, it was!! The cheesecake was so cool (meaning, chilled in a good way). It melted on my tongue. It tasted like a sweet-sweet potato mixed with cheesecake and I could not stop eating it. The sweet potato taste wasn't over powering, but it was as equally present as the cheesecake flavor. I truly gave it two thumbs up, so I see my the President did!
One thing that I learned about Chef Sonya is that she bakes EVERYTHING FRESH EVERYDAY from scratch for 15 years! Wow! You can not get better than fresh. She makes everything from cakes, cookies, muffins, cheesecakes, pies & more. She also just published a new dessert cookbook that is featured on The Food Network as a must buy! She was even featured on the network with Rachel Ray! So if you are ever in Atlanta and on Auburn rd, please visit Sweet Auburn Bread Co, to satisfy your sweet tooth.
Purchase her cookbook here at:


ToshaDevon said...

Welcome back hun!!!!!!!! Love the new look!!!

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