Monday, January 9, 2012

Joyful Noise Movie Review

My husband and I were able to go to the Joyful Noise pre-screening last Wednesday night. It was actually a delightful movie. We knew it would be a feel good movie and you could kind of predict the ending but everything in between was a pleasure to watch.

The movie stars Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton. Keke Palmer plays the daughter of Queen Latifah and happens to learn a lot of life lessons during this movie. The movie is about a church choir who never makes it past regionals because of another choir headed by Kirk Franklin (of course he's a character). Well, by a strange twist of fate and some updating their sound and moves - miracles happen. What didn't I like about this movie? I didn't like that everything Dolly Parton had on was super fitted! Her choir rob, her shirts, EVERYTHING! Do you really have to show your shape in every shot!!! Geeesssh! I didn't like the amount of cursing in the movie. It was NOT alot by any means and I understand that in reality people to curse so I wasn't offended, just felt it was unnecessary at times.

Would I recommend it. Yes, for the matinee. I really liked the movie and so did "The Hubby". We laughed, got mad, had those moments where you looked at each other and said, "I know he didn't..." and we even bopped our head when they sang. I hope it does well at the box office because it deserves too. You know sometimes you look at a preview and say, "I will wait for this to come out on video." I actually thought about doing that for this movie, but after seeing it I say, "Go see it. Just go to the matinee!"

Do you think you will go?

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