Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Meet Latosha Allen, "Been there, done that & will do it again!"

I want to introduce you to LaTosha Allen, she is a great friend of mine. We first met when we were 17 years old at Alabama State University in the financial aid line! Since then we have become the best of friends. She has been there at every major point of my life and knows more secrets about me than she needs too! LOL! She is a super friend, a great supporter, and a great mom. I invited LaTosha to sit down to an interview with WIFE, and even though LaTosha is divorced, she hasn't given up on the possibility of getting married again. She welcomes it. Meet LaTosha Allen.

Hi! How are you doing?
Great...I can't complain because no one listens anymore...LOL

Where do you live? Oxford, Alabama
What do you do?
Social Worker for the Department of Public Health
How long were you married? for almost 5 years.
What happened? We pretty much grew apart.
Do you want to get married again? Yes. Why?  I don't think God put me on this earth to be lonely.
Has dating changed since you were on the scene?
Yes and No...it's hard to start the process over again and getting yourself out there.
What did you like/dislike about marriage? I liked the idea of FAMILY...it was very important to me to have my daughter grow up with her father. I didn't like feeling like I was the only adult with sense at times.

Do you have children? How does she handle the divorce? Yes I have an eleven year old daughter. She took it really hard, but now she's coming around to the realization that it's life and sometimes life sucks.
How has your life changed as a parent since the divorce?         
I am responsible for doing everything for Taylin. Practices, games, school activities...it's all on me.
Is there anything you would have did differently? I don't think I would have gotten married. We married because it was the right thing to do. We loved each other, but obviously not enough to make it work.
If you could go back in time, what would you have told your self 1 day before the wedding? Nothing could have fixed our problem in one day...maybe 1 year before I would've just said this isn't gonna work.
Do you feel your soul mate is out there? Do you believe in soul mates? Yes I believe he's out there, prolly wondering where I am...LOL

I see you are a natualista!! How long have you been natural? Ummm I think almost 4/5 years now. I have my I love my hair and I hate my hair moments though.
What do you like about it?
The versatility. I can do a lot with my hair...curly, straight, wavy...I love the versatility.
Have you seen a different in the quality of your hair?
Yes it's much thicker and stronger than it's been in a LONG TIME.
I hear you are doing a hair challenge? What are your hair goals? Basically to prove that as long as you take CARE of your hair you can apply heat to it and it will not break OFF. I remember getting my hair pressed Weekly as a child and it didn't go anywhere. Because my Granny took care of it. My hair problems started after I thought a RELAXER could cure my problems...but it made the problem worse.
Do you have plans to get a relaxer anytime soon? Nope, not at this time...I'm going to admit, that I won't say never...a relaxer didn't break my hair off...My not taking care of my relaxed hair broke my hair off.

What are your 2012 goals? How do you plan to reach them? To pay off a ton of bills that I accrued over the years. I'm gonna tackle them one at a time.
What are you looking forward too the most this year?
Being CELIBATE...LOL...I'm going to get to know me!!!!! (you asked)

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Bernetta said...

Great interview LaTosha! You can do it! Celibacy, that is! LOL!!

Renae said...

I enjoyed reading this interview!!

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