Friday, January 20, 2012

Can your President Treat his wife Any-Kind-of-Way? Newt Gingrich Ex-Wife Marianne: Newt wanted an open Marriage!

Does it matter if the President treats his wives and/or ex-wives with little to no respect? I am just asking a question. I know that Newt Gingrich has said ALOT OF THINGS that we (people who do not plan on voting for him) do not agree with but put that aside. What about how he has treated the women in his lives does that matter to you? Newt Gingrich has been married 3 times and Whoa! While he was married to the first wife, she was diagnosed with cancer and proposed to the second wife (before divorcing the first wife). While married to the second wife she was diagnosed with MS, he proposed to his current (3rd) wife (before divorcing the second wife). The second wife said (in her interview with ABC) that he asked her for an open marriage. He was upset that "She wanted him all to herself!" WTW! Click here for a snipet of that interview. Another point to bring out, is while President Clinton was going through his Monica Lewinsky mess, Newt Gingrich was a major voice criticizing him BUT he was actually in the middle of a 6 year affair!

Now, Newt has said many times throughout this campaign (because they keep bringing it up) that he has prayed and asked for forgiveness from God. Although, the second wife said he never asked her for forgiveness. And hey, I am not one to judge so if he has gotten his past straight with God - then so be it. But his actions still hurt people, so does it matter to you? Would you have voted for President Obama (if you voted for him) if Michelle was his third wife and he treated his ex-wives similar to Newt Gingrich? Does your President just have to know how to run our country and his private life is just that - private? Or does how he treat what should be his most precious possession (his family) be on display and matter? Does his action show morals, values, integrity? We all have made mistakes and will most likely make more - no one is perfect. And since he has asked for forgiveness, is it enough for you to VOTE for him? Just asking.

Click here to read the full article on his ex-wife, Marianne Gingrich.


April Pickett-Moncrief said...

Let;s just be clear here, you are so right Bernetta & I'm gonna post your blog on my page with that same question/statement....If this was President Obama, do you think folks would "leave him alone & let his prsoal life be private"??? He** No! So Newt, you knew what you signed up for, it's public knowledge now, so deal with it! Do what you usually do & LIE your way out of ths one! And to answer your question, "No, not a chance would I vote for someone who has consistently been unfaithful to his "wives" and who has treated his family like 2nd class citizens! It seems the only thing that matters is Newt's LOINS..on from one to the next as soon as he gets borede, sexually, physically or mentally! #comeonnewt GET OUT OF THE RACE! IJS!


NaturalSmile said...

Newt's not going to be president because of women problems... Who wants a first lady (Callista) that was willing to the other woman for so long! Wait and see... they are going to drag that beaker nose ugly lady through the mud!! Michelle looks good. Saw a picture tonight of her in that "hawt" state of the union blue dress. LOL.. barack is going to be re-elected if nothing more, because white men secretly love his wife!!!!

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