Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend in Review! And free conversation!

This weekend was a really good weekend I must say. Friday night my husband and 2 year old daughter went to their first Father and Daughter dance. They had a really good time. That little girl is his princess. She even walks around the house, "I'm your princess Daddy?" He says, "Yes you are my princess baby!" So I just spent the evening with my son and we invited one of his friends over to eat pizza, watch movies, and make shakes. My son enjoyed it. Saturday, I had to work but after work I went into a store trying to buy one white simple fitted long sleeve shirt! I ended up getting 2 dresses, 2 pair of shoes, the white shirt and a purple shirt! BUT I only paid $32 for all of that! Can you say I LOVE A DEAL!

Then I spend the rest of the evening with my children, and cleaning up. Oh, I did design a quick flyer for a friend when the kids went to bed.

I also watched the movie FAME. I was alittle disappointed in it. I thought it would be more to the story line. But I was still dancing around the house when it was done. I coulda been a dancer ya know! LOL... For real.

Sunday was the SUPER BOWL! It was a good day. We had an awesome church service, came home ate lunch and we all took our Sunday nap. Then off to a great friends house to watch The Saints vs. Colts. Honestly, I didn't have a team to win. I didn't know alot about either team. I just wanted to eat some good food and be around friends. My friend who was giving the party is from New Orleans so we had some really good food for the party! New Orleans style baby! But the Saints pulled it out and that house was going crazy! They were all running around, screaming, giving each other the high five!! I was sitting on the couch.... eating! LOL We finally made it home and put our children in the bed and retired to sleep ourselves. A full weekend Whewwwwwwwwww! Honestly I am not glad it's over. But it is.... so happy Monday to ya!

Anything specific you all want to talk about today?


Anonymous said...

I have something that I want to talk about. What do you think about having separate bank accounts and a joint? And the women who don't work, how do you get money? Do you both allot so much money as an allowance or does he get whatever he wants? Also, do you put away that just in case money, even if things are going well? And finally, how much is enough?

The WIFE said...

Great question! I believe that I am going to make this the official post for tomorrow. I am going to do a right up in my oppinion and post in a few minutes! Stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

Dating a person that does not work or want to work for that matter, is an absolute no-no. What are your thoughts when a married man loses his job and has no motivation to find another one? How do women feel about having a house-husband? Or how about a man that makes less money than them?

The Wife said...

Last post... Sorry I am just seeing this! I am going to make this a post NEXT! Stay tuned!