Friday, February 5, 2010

What turns a MARRIED WOMAN ON?

I have had this talk over and over with my sister in law!!!!

What turns a married woman on is different than a single woman. In my opininon.
I say that b/c for a wife who husband doesn't do everything she desires... wellllll let her come
home one day and the house is spotless. ALLLLLL the dishes are washed, floor is swept, he
even has candles lit! And guess what he folded the clothes! That turns a married woman on!
Why because we want (or let me speak for me!) I want my hubby to take the load off me sometimes.
When you make my load lighter.... I am free to do other things FOR YOU hint hint LOL!
If I come home and deal with two young children, feed them, play with them (but he does help btw)
cook, clean up (he only cleans up when HE cooks, if I cook he doesn't clean up! Ain't that 'bout a blip!)
fold clothes, do whatever we dooooo. We are not thinking about satisfying you! (I ain't!!! I know it's bad grammer, but I am just saying). I am thinking about laying my body down and going to bed. But let me be washing a dish and he comes behind me and grabs the dish and say "Baby go get you a bath and wait for me, I got it!!" And it was the first dish too! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! That would make me want to do what he wants me to do..

SO that makes me ask the question: What turns you on as a married woman?


Anonymous said...

you are so right girl. When they take the load off you don't mind being their freak or putting on oufits & dancing around for them. Truly ( & I hope this isn't too raunchy) it makes me wet & want to give him oral. Almost like I'm showing my gratitude because I know that that's what he really wants! But when I'm pissed because he's relaxed & I've been working since I got home or all day saturday, I'm tired & don't want to do anything EXTRA! I just toot up the butt & let him do doggy so he'll get a quick one & let me sleep. Lol. I can't believe I just typed that! Lol. But, it's true! Yes, what turns me on has definitely changed from when I was a girlfriend. BTW, when we were dating & he ate dinner at my house, he washed dishes. What changed that he shouldn't wash them now? What you did to get me you need to do to keep me!

The Wife said...

Girllllllll! You are too crazy! Yes it was raunchy but hey...we all probably feel the same way. I know what you mean. If he washed dishes before why did he stop. Mainly because you let him stop. When he first tried to sit there and not move, you should have spoke up then. But girl you are better than me for tooting it up and giving it doggy... b/c if I am tired he aint getting nothing!

But men or shall I say HUSBANDS don't get it. TAKE THE LOAD OFF OF US AND YOU CAN GET IT!

Anonymous said...

You are right! I should've done or said something, but we don't have a routine and it was gradual. So gradual that it was just one day I woke up like hey, I need help! That's how they sneak it up on you!

wife K said...

since it is still fresh to me I think that when the relationship has gotten stale or old that he tries to rekindle the fire that they had between each other when it was fresh to turn her on maybe doing something that made her hott for him back then.

Mrs D said...

Today is the first day I found out about this site because I'm bad about checking email and not on FB too much anymore. I totally agree with the "taking the load off". I tell my husband over and over that I deal with so much on the job that my home is my castle and my place of peace. I don't feel peace in my home if its dirty, I'm too tired to clean so I just try not to look take a shower and go to bed. BUT my husband knows this so on those days when "he wants some". He does try to clean but I'm so tired that he doesn't always get rewarded. I sometimes too give the "tooted butt" so he can stop interrupting my sleep because I'm so tired! It may seem wrong but it's the truth.

Anonymous said...

Consider me The Wifey1 for responses: I noticed that many married women on here "just toot up the butt" to get it over with, but I am more like The Wife in that if I don't feel like it, I ain't doing it. Because of this, we have major problems with sex in our relationship and basically, my husband is not satisfied sexually. Now as much as I want him to be happy, the stubborn side just doesn't care when I am too tired to get it on. I commend my husband for having the strength and not going out and cheating but I know he is human and that may not last forever. I have tried to explain this concept to him several times and many ways but he just doesn't get it. Any suggestions on how I can approach this issue? Maybe I am missing something.

Anonymous said...

What we must understand is that sex is important part of our relationships, especially for the husbands. We can take it or leave it, especially after working long days, taking care of the kids, cooking, cleaning, etc. However, that is not true for our husbands. So, to the wife who is stubborn about giving it up to her husband because you just don't feel like it...if you continue then he could step out on you! So far, you have been lucky (at least that you know of). There are some days when I just give in just to keep the relationship going because I love my husband. Yes, there are times when I want to tell him to kiss my butt because I am tired...but, I know that it is my duty as his wife and vice-versa to satisfy each other regardless of how we feel.

But, like the other wives, if he would just help take the load off, it would be much easier to give it up or satisfy him! However, most husbands just don't get it or see it that way! They think that they are the only ones who work all day and then come home and sit in front of the TV. We are superwomen!

The wifey1 said...

"Superwoman"! That is EXACTLY what I am talking about. I am not, nor will I pretend to be a Superwoman. Being a woman is a hard task in itself. Working full-time and most times, overtime being a woman, mother, wife, friend, employee and for some the list continues. What I should have clearly said is what does a woman do to prevent burn-out? There are usually not enough hours in my days if I do everything I NEED to do like cook, work, keep the house clean, bathe the baby and more. I am trying to think of ways to encourage an immediate understanding about the "things that turn a married woman on". I understand what turns most men on. I am simply agreeing that taking the load off is a huge turn on and if you do it often you get IT often. If you don't, and I get too tired then, so be it.

My husband and I are best friends and our relationship is one of the best (most of the time) that either of us could have ever imagined or asked for. This topic happens to be one that I can truly relate to and was interested in ideas to better express this without seeming too "bitchy".

Anonymous said...

your husbands will become embittered by your actions and will all likely cheat given the opportunity, b/c frankly it seems that marriage is not worth a little extra effort to many people i have read posts from on forums.

I have so many things to post but am limited on wc, so i part with this... A man wants to have sex with a woman who in turn wants to have sex with him. proud men will "wait" for your sex only so long before they seek viable alternatives elsewhere... Consider the animal instinct to breed vs a social construct such as marriage. which one has been in existence longer and is likely more deeply rooted in the human psyche?

Good luck, wives

Anonymous said...

That is what I am planning, have the same issue in my relationship. I will go out to satisfy my needs.

Anonymous said...

I have something to share and get my self going on .I know a married women .I have been veery close to her , like hugging her often ..shaking hands, cracking dirty jokes, commenting on her dressing and figure.
Some times I feel she is all open for me and sometimes not. But for more than 2 years , despite this , I haven't been able to get her love me and share sex .
Can any one please help me with an advice so that I can have my desire of being with her in bed , be true.