Tuesday, May 18, 2010

MEN: What doesn't your wife know about you?

This post is especially for the men! One of our most successful post was when the WIFES had a chance to say things that their husbands had no idea what was going on with them. Today, I wanted to give the HUSBANDS a chance to do the same thing. More and more men are commenting on my page and I do like it because it is giving us a male perspective when we least expect it BUT "What doesn't your WIFE know about you?" What is something you really can't tell her or won't tell her or don't know how to tell her?!?

I will give you an example, one WIFE said, "My husband doesn't know I don't kiss him anymore because his breath has gotten unbearable! I even have to face away from his face to have sex with him!" WHOA CHARLIE!!! After the post, she began a discussion with her husband and was able to share it with her husband! I am not saying that if you post, you will end up sharing with your WIFE but ....... just tell us!
We wanna know!

*Remember, you can post ANONYMOUS!*


Mr. AB said...

That deserves a Laugh out loud. Wow what's wrong with saying Boy go brush yo teeth and tougue. You just don't know today I needed that laugh wooh. Okay, getting myself together. My wife is my best friend and maybe I'm too blunt or too honest when talking with her about personal mattersat times. Mainly concerning us, rather intimately or socially of what my aspects are. So to answer your question,10 years of marriage she knows alot about me. So to fake anything she has decernment and she would ask me did I, I couldn't lie.

Anonymous said...

My wife does know how much I love her but she doesn't know that I still love and am in love with my first love. I should have fought for her instead of walking away years ago. I have a great family now and I do love my wife but no matter what she does, I will never love her the way she loves me, because honestly over time I have figured out my wife really wasn't the one for me. After reading the other post, I see I did marry the rebound.

Anonymous said...

Wow...Mr Anonymous!!! Where are the rest of the men????

Anonymous said...

Sorry Mr. Anonymous, I have a hard time believing you are really a man. Men don't talk like. Sounds like a woman to me. You ain't fooling nobody.

The WIFE said...

Haaaaaaaaaa! That is so funny to the last Mr. Anonymous!

This was a crazy post anyway, I guess Men Wanna keep their mouth shut!


Mr. Man said...

It’s not that men don’t want to talk. But in most cases women know more about their men then they let on to. Women are very smart about what they let us know they know. It’s normally the women that have things we may not know about them, it’s because men like to live on the surface. When we first meet a woman we are sometimes so busy explaining how right we were in the last relationship that we tell a lot more about ourselves that we think. And women don’t forget what we tell them. After we are sure we have a "secure" relationship, we get like safe auto when we talk and we give the bare minimum. So it’s really kind of hard to say what your wife know or don’t know. Maybe the title should have been what do think your wife don’t know about you. LOL..
Mr. Man.