Sunday, May 16, 2010

The REBOUND CHICK & Just Wright Movie Review

The Rebound Chick!
Although I wanted to speak about the movie JUST WRIGHT, I also wanted interaction from my WIFES. So to tie the two together, have you ever been the rebound chick? Have you ever been someones plan B? Most times, you really don't know if you are the rebound chick unless you are lucky enough to know that the guy just got out of a relationship and even more lucky if you find out if he still has feelings for her or not. Nine times out of ten if he still has feelings for the ex & and he just got out of the relationship then you are the rebound. Sometimes men (and women too) don't always allow themselves to completely heal and instead jump right back into another relationship. And try to use the rebound to get over the ex. But it really doesn't work like that. You need to completely get over the other person or even though you are with the new person, you mind will still be on the ex! Especially when you realize the rebound isn't what you thought they would be. It's funny because from what I can tell I have never been someones rebound girl BUT I have had rebound friends. And as soon as whatever it was I thought I felt for that guy or really finally got over the other guy...I no longer had a need for the rebound guy! And that's what usually happens, the rebound gets dumps! But not always. Sometime you marry them and realize after the fact that you married the rebound and now it's too late! Just my thoughts.... on to the movie review.
I was fortunate enough to see this movie on May 6th at a special movie premiere held for the Mocha Moms with my mother. I honestly didn't know what to expect BUT I didn't expect high expectations based on the previews. It wasn't that I thought it was going to be a horrible movie but it just looked like a movie to save for a rental night. I am so glad I was soooooo wrong. This movie JUST WRIGHT was just perfect! I really enjoyed it and I called all my friends immediately after the movie and told them to please go out and support this movie on opening weekend because it really is a feel good movie. You will laugh, cry, get mad, and be sad all within the time frame of this movie. One thing it is not is JUST A CHICK FLICK! So if you get hesitation from your husband, boyfriend or whatever - tell him I said that. There story line has just as much in it for the men as the women.

It's a romantic comedy that stars Queen Latifah and Rap star Common. Common hurts himself playing basketball and Queen Latifah plays the therapist that is hired to get him back by the playoffs. But the twist comes in because Common is more interested in Paula Patton, the good friend (of the Queen) who lives with her rather than the Queen. And it's so good how it all comes together. I made the mistake last time by telling you too much about the movie, so this time I will just say.... I liked it and I recommend it for a good date night or even a girls night out!


incrediblysassy said...

I am not a WIFE. Yet, I am a loyal supporter of WIFE BJK. First, I am a huge fan of Director Sanaa Hamri!! She is dynamic! She knows how to connect with audiences, and her story evokes all the emotions we encounter in establishing and building relationships. Leslie Wright mirrors my life in so many ways. The most common thread is " You are funny, smart, attractive, intelligent..." "Why aren't you married?" Her reply of, "I haven't found the one I can't live without." Wow! I haven't found him and he hasn't found me, either! LOL! This is a place where I feel God and what is destined to be intervenes. I did laugh, cry, and felt my heart race as the story unfolded. I believe I can take away some of Leslie's zest for life by her fearless approach to live in the moment. She just went with the flow of things, and she accepted them for what they were. Her father's love is enduring. And her ability to be candid with her cousin's vain and shallow personality was right on target. I could examine it from so many points. But, I am most excited to recognize the special love that exists when you earnestly see a person for who they truly are, when they are "Just Wright."

Anonymous said...

I havent had a chance to see the movie yet. But I will definitly check it out. As far as being the rebound chick, I dont think I have ever been one. I have used other guys to get over someone and it really caused more pain than if I just would have took the time to get over my ex and then moved on. For some reason I think guys do it more than women do. One of my guy friends was so down and upset over losing his ex and he met this chick at the bar. They ended up getting married and now its a mess because even now he STILL has feeings for his ex. I just wonder if I have ever been the rebound- but if I have maybe thats why it never worked out.

MsDior said...

Wait a minute, I don't think anyone wants to admit to being a rebound chic! Honestly, I don't know. I have never gotten with a guy that said, "I just got out of a relationship", so how would I know. I have never had a rebound either....didn't need another dude to help me get over the last...I just kept it movin! Now I do know someone that openly had a relationship with this dude who she knew was using her as a rebound...but she said it was cool because she just want to use him to make her ex jealous. Oh that didn't work, because homeboy had her sprung! How you trying to use somebody and fall in love? The guy started "seeing other people", she was hot about that....she started checkin his phone....asking him questions....I'm talking about she was going in on dude. He told her, and I quote, "Man, you trippin! I wasn't tryin to make you my girl or nothing, hell I see why dude left yo ass!" She was tore up! If she was my friend (she was a friend of a friend) I would have told her to take some time and focus on herself...she had just gotten out of a mess of a relationship anyway...why set yourself up for failure? Why would you willingly accept that position?

Lady G said...

I have not seen the movie yet. As far as being a rebound chick, yes I admit to rebounding into an intimate relationship with my ex-husband that spelled the word "D-O-O-M-E-D" because he had ulterior motives commonly known as being an in the closet "B-I-S-E-X-U-A-L", impregnanting his sneaky girlfriend with two babies prior to remarrying, and he has the nerve to blame me for everything.........LOL