Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fantasia! Fantasia! Fantasia! Now she has made a song about being the mistress!

This story keeps getting more and more interesting with Fantasia and Mr. Antwaun Cook. Unless you don't watch the news, read entertainment blogs or websites, or listen to the radio - how could you not know about this story. What is even more interesting, is that it's not over! It's far from even being over, but the choices Fantasia makes from here on out are going to play a major role in the outcome of this situation.

Over the past year we have seen quite a few celebrity women start relationships (which either contributed to the demise of their marriage or it just appeared that way) with married men. Most recently Alicia Keys and Swiss Beatz, who are expecting a child and recently tied the knot. Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade, whose wife was trying everything she could think of to keep those two apart! Can you think of any more right now?

Well what makes this story different is that she was not only bold enough to tell the wife, " time you get a husband maybe you will know how to treat him...your husband doesn't want you and that's why he's here with me!" Also, the wife of Mr. Cook is now suing Fantasia for alienation of affection! That is legal in the state of North Carolina. Also, after the news came out about the lawsuit, she either attempted to commit suicide or she staged a fake suicide attempt (based on, because the husband broke up with her. The jury is still out on that.  BUT now she has made a song, "Lucky" in which she talks about being the mistress! Fantasia’s album Back to Me is scheduled to hit stores August 24, 2010. “Lucky” is not listed as one of the tracks on the album. The single has been dubbed the “homewrecker anthem” and will more than likely become a fan favorite despite the current circumstances that makes the song appear all too real. Listen to the song here.

And here are SOME of the lyrics:

Damn, she get to have it every day.
What a lucky girl! Ooohh, well tonight I’ll take her place.
I’m a lucky girl! Damn, do you spread her legs this way?
What a lucky girl! Ummm, you’re the king at this foreplay.
I’m a lucky girl!”

I know you got a girl and I know that I’m wrong,
but a hard man’s good to find.
Yeah, she get to have it all year long,
so can I just get tonight?”

I will also ask this question, "Do you only get one true love in your life?" and well maybe two questions, "And can that true love be someone else's husband at the time you me and realize he is the love of your life?" A friend had this question on her Facebook status and she had some pretty interesting responses. Then someone brought up Fantasia & Cook!


Mr. Man. said...

I just don’t understand the reason you would want to ruin your reputation and not only sleep with someone’s spouse but to make a song about it, PLEASE! When you have enough money to live a good life and find the right person for you. I find it to be very low to do this. I mean to be blessed by God to have the voice of an angel but want to live like the devil. Yes I know it considered the norm in Hollywood, but that is just nasty. It shows that even though these new age divas can sing like those of old they don’t have the class they have. My biggest complaint with the whole thing is when these marriage war start it’s the kids that become prisoners of war. They become weapons of mass destructions, and the public say very little about the kids. So if you can afford to pay an attorney to help clean up your reputation, why not just get a divorce and save your money. And in a lot of these cases what happens a reality show. Men and women alike need to reevaluate the meaning of love and honor. It’s the same with all the abuse of women. I made a vow to never hit a woman; because that way I can always say to any man don’t hit any of he women in my life, sis, daughter, mom, aunt, ECT. And know that I never have and never will. And it goes for the men as well, This is my confession, Unthinkable, Lucky are song titles. But they all really Lucky they have time to Confession their Unthinkable acts and ask God for forgiveness. To whom much is given much is required. My question is if you want to play the field why get married in the first place? And if you don’t love the one you’re with then leave them. Make a clean break then find you some one else. Or is it the career building controversy that they want? Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Janet Jackson, Britney spears, Kate Gosselin, Tiger Woods, Tom Cruise, David Letterman, and the list goes on. I’m just saying.
Mr. Man.

Shannon Lawrence said...

Similar to Fantasia airing her "dirty laundry," the same can be said for Alicia Keys-Beatz. Its funny how no one seems to drawing the same from her relationship with Swizz Beatz and her newest hit, "Unthinkable.
I lost alot of respect for Alicia Keys when she got preggers. Brothas have it hard enough in marriage, we need as few temptations as possible. With marriage deing devalued they way it is, divorce becoming more acceptable, and children being born to unwed "couples" becoming the standard....we need sistas to encourage commitment, honor, and responsibilty (at least if thats what they want), not continue to be the reason we become what they don't want.

Anonymous said...

@Shannon, I dont understand the "we need as few temptations as possible". You, as a brotha, should be able to resist temptation when you have made a commitment and took vows to your wife. There are only men and women in the world and women are not about to fall off the face of the earth. So what temptations are you referring to? My husband would have to take full responsibilty for his actions. Not come with some lame excuse that he was tempted by a single woman. They have no power in the world when a man is fully committed to his vows and truly loves his wife.

The Wife said...

WOW! All good comments! Thanks every one!

Kommissioner said...

@Anonymous: 1st, it would be nice to name of the woman who is confident that her husband has no temptations in this world. Either you have the ill-nana, or your husband is the strongest man in the world.
The context of my statement rests in the fact that men, no matter how committed they are, will face temptation. How the man responds to the temptation is an indication of the man, his will, and his desire to honor his commitment. If you have a well dressed, smells good, chivalrous (sp) man with good manners and a decent income; you better believe he has more temptations than most others. Moreover, there are plenty of women who would be willing to take your spot at any given moment, regardless of the position it puts you or your kids in...(see Alicia Keys, Fantasia, Melissa Smith, Marylin Monroe, Monica Lewinski, need I go on?)
To suggest that "commitment" means "blinders" are on is a very ambitious and naive notion. The reality is if your husband never steps out on you, he a good man, and you are doing something right. But the reality is that if he steps out, its because he just may (not all the time) not be getting something at home. Even the Bible says the husband and wife are to fulfill each others desires. Its my responsibility to be all that my wife wants, period. Its her responsibility to reciprocate, period. When husband and wife make that commitment, its a beautiful thing, and when that doesn't happen, it leaves room for "the other woman."
Anonymous, you may be doing all those things rights, and I hope you and your husband live long and die old together, just remember marriage is a just as much spiritual warfare, as it is a reflection of God's intent and Glory. And in war, you never forget who the enemy is and where they lurk, even when you are winning.
Finally, as far as encouraging brothas goes; if they want a righteous man, they too must be righteous. If you got your man from another woman, don't be surprised when another woman gets him from you. You may have fulfilled one particular desire he needed at that time, and when that need is met, he will find someone to fulfill the rest of his needs. See Lyfe Jennings' new song, "Statistics." The number may not be exact, but it's pretty close, but more importantly, listen to the hook.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Anonymous comment. It takes two. My husband will be held totally responsible for his actions.
As far as Alicia Keys-Beatz and Fantasia they are(were)single women and more than likely the men approached them with a story and they listened and next thing you know they were being regarded as home wreckers. My personal feelings haven't changed for either one of the ladies. They have not done anything that haven't been done before. I hope and pray that Fantasia learned from the experience and move on in life to better choices/better things. As far as Alicia,I hope and pray that she have successful marriage/family life.